Nanda Ormond Worships Cult Leader Chris Butler


Nanda Ormond… famous and cool? Or just a fuckin’ TOOL?



Nanda Ormond Illegally depicts sexualized 12 year old girl.

I was born and raised in a mind control cult in Whangamata, New Zealand in 1979. My family, the Ransons, were life long friends with Nanda’s family the Ormonds. I am Nanda’s life long friend and brother in a sense, Rama Ranson. Cut out by Nanda’s cult allegiance.

Sub title in reference to Nanda’s website,

I grew up in this cult, I was programmed, indoctrinated, abused and believed some weird shit, but in my 15 years in the cult I never heard of ignoring people, cutting people off. I did not know we did that and I never would have stood by that at any age. You guys absolutely accepted that, cutting me off no problem. You are cult members, doing what ONLY cult members would do. Both our families have been HARDCORE cult members since the 70’s.


No, this isn’t a weird CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode, this is Chris Butler “Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa” in all his glory. Nanda was born and raised to serve him, like myself. Nanda basically has to feel genuinely in love with and affectionate toward this abusive cult leader to have a shot at Heaven… “Krishna Disneyland”, when he dies. Tight.

Chris  is the cult leader. The cult is cloaked as “Hare Krishna” but it is just a cult. REAL Krishna devotees would never do ANY of the things this cult does, but all true CULTS are just cults. They are all exactly the same beneath the various religious or other belief system that it uses for its own ends.

Chris Butler runs his Mind Control cult like the best of them. Deep inside the cult it is really no different than the reality depicted in the brilliant HBO documentary “Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief” and a recent NZ documentary “How To Spot A Cult”(part 1, part 2).

There is and has been an abnormally high proliferation of extremely controlling and destructive cults in New Zealand, it seems.

The Butler cult has run AIR TIGHT for about 40 years.Nanda and myself are the second generation of the cult, we were BORN IN. We were CONDITIONED, PROGRAMMED, ABUSED.

We were, since birth, EMOTIONALLY LEVERAGED and BRED for no other purpose than serving Chris Butler and his drug running, materialistic and money hungry cult. The believers have little, but the cult leader burns through hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for his multiple mansions, vehicles and boats/jet skis along with extremely peculiar “health” demands like everything wrapped in foils and air filtration units everywhere.

My friend Lalita, born and raised in the cult documents multiple cases of child abuse in the cult

Lalita Mann

Nobody in Nanda’s family has broken free of the Chris Butler Cult. Nobody in my family broke free except for myself.

I posted my thoughts and experiences along with my identity in 2006 on this Cult Forum as user Rama Das (slave name) my original 2006 posts are here and that was the last contact I have had with any of the cult members.

My mother Robyn Ranson instantly cut me off in 2006 when her cult master Chris Butler told her, my bro and my Dad to not speak to me ever again UNLESS I never speak out about the cult and remove everything I say from the internet.

Nanda’s ENTIRE family followed suit. Prahlad Webb and younger bro Nanda Ormond were and actually, to me, still are my best friends. If we can ever get past this, I wish we could work it out, accept each other for who we are and that means me objecting to my upbringing.

I went to Prahlad Webb’s wedding in 2005, travelled from San Francisco to Coolangatta, Queensland. Nanda and Prahlad never reached out to me as friends since the cult order to cut me off went out in 2006 despite multiple attempts on my part.

Prahlad and Jamuna Webb, oh, their lovely wedding, it was quite the occasion in 2005, a real Chris Butler wet dream and an abomination.

Nobody except cult Members were there. I was probably the least cult person there, but nobody knew that at the time. Prahlad Webb’s own dad who left the cult decades ago but still a Krishna devotee, Ant Webb sure wasn’t there, systematically blocked by the cult, no doubt.

He would have loved the seemingly authentic Indian wedding, but like me, his stomach may have turned when after the ceremony, instead of Prahlad and Jamuna leaving to fuck like spider monkeys, they joined with the group of followers and took a sheet off the largest picture of  Chris Butler I have ever seen.



This is a different wedding within the Chris Butler cult. Here the bride and groom bow in worship to a picture of Chris Butler. 

The Cult leader, their God Chris Butler, all romanticized with flowers around him, looking coy with a little smile, their object of worship.

In the cult, males and females are segregated. At all the chants I went to while visiting in 2005 the rooms would split off, dudes on the left, girls on the right, or vice versa.

At Prahlad’s own damn wedding after the ceremony and union, instead of embracing his new wife, returned to the worshiping of Chris Butler and the room segregated off in the same way. Prahlad, chillin’ across the way from his new wife in his pimp quasi indian white outfit, but swaying chanting Hare Krishna and the standard Chris Butler specific prayers.

We are required to recite prayers that worship Chris Butler multiple times daily. Before eating any food and also recited multiple times daily in ritual ceremonies to worshipped pictures of Chris Butler surrounded by flowers, placed on an alter with pictures of Krishna.

there are others, but this specific prayer was sang at Prahlad’s wedding by everyone, including Nanda Ormond, Rangi Ormond, Nimai van Den Bos, Jan Ormond and George Ormond:

“nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale


siddhaswarupananda – paramahamsa

 iti namine”

This prayer is specific worship of Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda). The original prayer was addressed to A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami founder of ISKCON and the western Hare Krishna movement enjoyed by George Harrison and others.

Chris Butler inserted his own name (Siddhaswarupananda – Paramahamsa) as emphasized.


Nanda Ormond’s nephew and Prahlad Webb’s son worships his defacto God and master Chris Butler alongside Lord Krishna. Chris Butler’s image is adorned with a red flower garland and a bowl of sweet balls, while Lord Krishna and Lord Chaitanya are abandoned to feed off the scraps of the almighty cult leader Chris Butler “Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda”.

Basic translation is praise all glories to Siddhaswarupananda (Chris Butler) who is so close and dear to lord Vishnu/Krishna, God’s pure official representitive on earth (the only one, in the cult context).

Original version, translation in context of the REAL Srila Prabhupada, as Chris ordered all his followers to call HIM Srila Prabhupada.


Will the REAL Srila Prabhupada (please stand up!)

Chris Butler was a Cult Leader named Sai before he joined ISKCON for about 5 seconds in the 1970’s.



Chris Butler as “Sai” preaching an opposite philosophy and seemed to be leading a rather homo erotic and free love/sexual type cult. I mention that “Sai” seemed homo erotic because I think it is a huge reason for his absolutely rampant and insane homophobia, denying those aspects of himself perhaps?

Da Kine Kris Butla as Sai, an den as one Krishna guy:


The union of Prahlad and Jamuna Webb was sealed in the worship of Chris Butler, mutually pledging their lives, minds and children to this psychotic megalomaniac. It is all myself, Prahlad, Jamuna, Nanda and Rangi Ormond have ever known, we were raised to be Chris Butler’s loyal followers by Jan Ormond, George Ormond, Robyn Ranson and Allan Ranson (R.I.P.).


Prahlad “Pooch” Webb

In 2005 at the wedding and other chants, gatherings of ONLY Chris Butler worshippers Nanda Ormond was singing these chants, worshipping Chris Butler, praising Chris butler in hindu prayers, gazing at his adored image. Then from 2006 onward Nanda stood by the cult orders not to talk to me. He would not accept my friend requests or e-mails to his Kids With Talons website for years.

Of note my Father died in 2008. my own mother would not speak to me, neither did Nanda or anyone from their family. The cult ran the funeral for my father and blocked me from attending. Nanda was there, never contacted me in the event of my Dad dying.


My dad Allan Ranson/Acharya Das died of heart failure in his sleep 2 years after being ordered to cut me off. My parents were not only ordered to do this, they were also ordered not to speak a word about it to anyone outside the group. And they didn’t. My father’s sister and brother in law were his closest friends, very close to him in the last years of his life after returning to NZ. he was into racing RX-7’s, he apparently wrecked one pretty bad getting in the news on TV. He also was partaking in non cult condoned activities like pounding coffee, mainlining Red Bull and other energy drinks, absolutely loving it. But he never told my aunty about our problems and they were scheduled to visit me in 2008. I would have and did tell them my problems with them, but my Dad died 30 days before their trip. He could not live with what he had become and what he was forced to do to me.

My mother would have not hesitated in cutting him out, if she did it to me, you can bet she was ready to do it to him, if necessary.

I grew up with Nanda. I never knew Nanda’s real dad’s name or face, even though he was likely a random non cult guy around my home town. Jan and George followed the cult protocol of blocking out threatening non cult family members so Nanda never knew his real dad much from what I know. George Ormond came in around when Nanda was born, but because the guy is an insufferable kook, a nice guy but not cool in any way whatsoever, Nanda and my dad bonded father  and son style, Allan would call Nanda “Naughty Nandies” and the classic “Naughty Nandies with his Built In Undies” refering to Nanda’s shorts that had built in underwear.


George Ormond acted as “priest” at both this wedding and Prahlad Webb’s wedding.


George Ormond is an insufferable kook who absolutely loves his master Chris Butler. I’m so glad I haven’t seen him in 23 years, these guys have lived under this insanity for 40 years. Haribol! Jaya Srila Prabhupada! Fuck off George, you weak cult bitch.

My dad always told Nanda he was his son through his young years and they still had that great bond in 2005 last time I saw Nanda and my Dad.

So Nanda literally turns his back on his own brother on behalf of the Chris Butler cult mafia. Nanda lived with my family multiple different times in Maui, Hawaii. I skateboarded with Nanda and sent him back to New Zealand with a crazy stockpile of used skateboards as I wanted him to keep skating.

Maybe a year or two ago Nanda finally accepted me on Facebook and it was cool getting a little contact again.

But in May of 2015 I was interviewed for New Zealand newspaper the Sunday Star Times about my life in the cult and the connection of the Chris Butler cult and convicted international drug smuggler Patrick Bowler,  a close family  friend of the Ormonds, George Ormond’s business partner at Villa Getaways.

“Paramahamsa Da Drug Smuggla”

Nanda Ormond and Nimai Van den Bos instantly blocked me on facebook when my article came out, neither have since spoken a word to me despite multiple appeals for months on my part.


The Bevan Hurley article Part 1

Part 2. Appeared as one story in the Sunday Star Times

Since the news coverage, Patrick has removed himself from the site, but villa Getaways has nanda’s CULT step dad George Ormond, Bowler’s two sons, Kris Clements, Jiva Muncie, one daughter Satya Kinnon. Not to mention 2 daughter and one son in law, all working at that company.

Patrick Bowler is Chris Butler cult royalty, rewarded for his loyalty getting busted and doing his time for his massive drug running without implicating cult leader Chris Butler.  Only about $100,000 was ever returned of that “Largest in the world” scale drug trafficking operation. This cult is filthy rich. They have their members purchase properties and businesses on their behalf with money just handed to them. My mother Robyn Ranson has her name on the cult owned property at lake Pukaki in twizel, NZ. I know she does not really own it, but these actions suggest possible illegitimate movement of large amounts of money.

Surely “renting” and recording profits on empty villas is one way to attempt to launder illegitimate money back onto the books, I do not know that this is happening but they are associated DIRECTLY with a successful international drug smuggler.

Nimai Van Den Bos is Nanda’s life long best mate from Whangamata, also my own good friend, cult willing. Nimai is Bowler’s son in law, pictured on bowler’s right arm. George Ormond cult step dad is smiling with glasses in the back row.


It looks like a kiwi Soprano’s.

It pretty much is, it is the Villa Getaways team at the time of the picture, It is a Patrick Bowler family photo (3 kids, 2 in law kids pictured) and it is the Chris Butler mafia.

Tell Bowler he’s not in prison any more. looks like his Club Fed outfit.

Below: George Ormond of Villa Getaways agitated by the word “Cult” prank call

Below: George Ormond equally strange reactions to Patrick Bowler, his AT LEAST former partner

This Chris Butler love festival cult wedding was attended by Nimai Van Den Bos, George Ormond and international drug trafficker and cult funder Patrick Bowler, among others I grew up with.

Nanda and Nimai back up this corrupt cult system and I’m sure if you ask them, they will say they dont talk to me because I insulted them, was rude, etc.

I gave these guys years and years of time, patience and understanding but still get absolutely shunned and ignored on behalf of the cult. Eventually I lose my temper and let them have it, but it is their actions that eventually drive me there.

Nanda draws comics for surf mags in Australia, I drew comics for Thrasher magazine in San Francisco.

thrasher1 thrasher2 thrasher3

We are truly and should have always been close bros. We are kindred spirits. I decided to write this after Nanda blocked me on Instagram, Nanda is @famousandcooler I am @sk8rama

spazmdeepshit2#2 spazmdeepshit2#3

some of mine, google Nanda’s

From an anonymous source, very true. Nanda lives with the MIASMA of Chris Butler’s world view, his ideas and sensibilities are all filtered through this:

One thing that I noticed comparing your artwork with Nanda’s. You are both strong with similar styles. But his work carries the bitter and cynical world view of Butler’s real teachings. You know, the material world is a place of misery and the only way you can be really happy is serving guru…yada yada yada. Your work is whimsical and funny. It just carries more light-heartedness and spirit. Just an observation.

A recent picture I drew of cult leader Chris Butler that Nanda didn’t like. He blocked me on Instagram this morning and had this taken down. Come on, Nandies, Lighten up, mate.



Chris Butler lives an extravagantly insane existence in Kailua, Hawaii. He literally has multiple mansions with entire buildings and teams of unpaid brainwashed servants doing his laundry and cooking him food around the clock.

He constantly abuses these fanatical individuals who feel so lucky and privileged to be in his presence, receiving his holy abuse. My parents received it on multiple occasions in 1988 when they were paid by Drug Trafficker Patrick Bowler to move us to Sedona, Arizona to be Butler’s UNPAID servants.

Patrick Bowler had all the money, more than enough to pay my parents a salary, but they did not get paid like that.

Bowler paid for our plane tickets, and paid for us to stay in a trailer park called Hawk Eye RV park, last right leaving Sedona toward Flagstaff, Arizona.

IMG_3060 IMG_3061

Bowler then provided a bare minimum for us to survive on, a little deposit each week int the First Interstate Bank that my dad had an account in. Every time my dad received the money he would complain how little it was. Allan Ranson often remarked “How does Paramahamsa (Patrick Bowler) expect us to survive?” upon getting what he could from the ATM.

I remember the entire year we had very very little money, buying the cheapest cereals and other foods we could find at the markets.

During this time in 1988, while Chris Butler’s personal cooks, Chris singled my mother out once, brought her in front of all the followers and berated her for at least 45 minutes. It was the only topic he discussed. This was recorded and distributed to all the followers as an official Chris Butler lecture tape. It was labelled and packaged exactly like all the rest, cassette tapes with a yellow or orange paper sticker, labelled with the lecture title. This one was called “The Chastisement Of Radha Kunda Dasi”, my mother’s cult given name, the only name she ever goes by with the followers, or nick names derived from the cult name like “Radhi”. These types of public humiliations were common, and every other disciple had to listen to it.

This is a classic CULT tactic. everybody is conditioned to enjoy the abuse, get off on the other follower’s abuse. Everybody knows everybody else’s dirty secrets and shameful moments .

It is in fact more corruptive and abusive than the reported Scientology method of gathering everybody’s confessions into “secret” files, but they leverage you with it, threatening to use it against you when they need to control you. The Chris Butler method is 100% public from the start.

Followers worship him like God on earth, he has them believing he is the only man in the world who can successfully deliver you to Krishna disney land when you die. Chris Butler’s total Mind Control works insidiously and perfectly. Total mental lock down. He determines everything for you, you are forbidden to think critically, you are merely programmed with the condoned cult group mentality. Closed minded, elitist, classic us vs them cult mentality, demonizing the outside world (quite literally, worldly people are called demons, I am surely demon #1). They are totally homophobic, Chris Butler constantly goes on homophobic tirades in his lecture tapes. Only for the cult members, those ones. Inner circle homophobia.

This video shows you how depraved and dark Chris Butler and his Cult are.

Henry Jolicoeur, brave and accurate, one of the very few putting their name and face against Chris Butler. Exposing blatant and highly disturbing BLACK MAGIC based control by Chris Butler and Wai Lana, wife and co-cult leader.

Henry Jolicouer was a disciple of Bhaktivedanata Swami in the 70’s named Hanuman Das, Henry exposed Chris Butler back then for performing a technique he called “Psychic Sleep” he developed when he was a cult leader named Sai Young. This technique was blatant hypnosis or mind control type technique and not condoned within the Vaishnava Krishna tradition. Bhaktivedanta Swami forbid Chris Butler from using this technique. 40 years later Henry is still exposing Chris Butler as the controlling cult leader he has always been.

Absolutely phenomenal background on Chris Butler and the formation of this group by Henry.

Thanks, Nanda Ormond, for doing everything in your power to punish me on behalf of the cult. You should have just talked to me and I wouldn’t feel the need to shout all this out. I hope you are happy, bro.

Nanda Ormond and his whole family did their part to help carry out this cold, heartless crusade against me for the past 9 years. They helped completely destroy my life, erasing 70% at least of the friends and family I grew up with inside the Chris Butler cult, including my immediate family.

I may not have anything left, But I have a brain that works and a mind that is free. That is all I have to show for my struggle, fighting to develop into a fully functioning and fully free human since I was 15 years old.

You guys, on the other hand, will probably never get free, never have balls, never analyze a single thing about this Cult you love so much. If you do ever get free you will realize your head has been so fucked from birth and the damage and mind control so deep you will be lucky to ever taste freedom and to ever be free of the mind control driven into you by Jan Ormond and George Ormond. Somebody help Rangi Ormond, save him from the mediocrity of Chris Butler devotion and truly unleash him on the surfing world.

Don’t live your life under your handlers and programmers like George Ormond and Patrick Bowler.

Don’t live your life with a wife who is ready to CUT YOU OFF and TAKE YOUR CHILDREN on behalf of Chris Butler’s say so.

I guarantee Laksmana Ranson, Harsha “Harry” Brennan, Stoka, Prahlad Webb, Nimai Van Den Bos and anyone else who  MARRIED IN to this ridiculous cult got exactly that.  A phony cult wife, 100 times more dedicated to the cult and Chris Butler than you. Ready to keep your children locked in to the cult no matter what.

Get out, get free and live for yourself for the first time. Explore the truth of what you were raised under. Just let it go, they only have the power you hand over every second of every day. God does not give a flying fuck what holy book you read or don’t read. As long as you discover your own UNIQUE truth, living and following your own intuition and guidance you are directly connecting to that source and evolving. Fear disappears.

Deprogram. Let go, start here, start now. Undo and analyze everything you have ever known.