Nanda Ormond response e-mail. UPDATED July 26th 2015



If this is all so untrue, how could it be much of an issue at all, let alone, as Nanda opens his e-mail with, I appear to be “trying to destroy (Nanda’s) entire family and everyone (Nanda) love(s)”.

Surely this suggests these revelations are accurate.

Nanda does not refute or discuss in any detail whatsoever the Chris Butler led Hare Krishna group we were all raised in. Nanda unleashes on me with a full force CHRIS BUTLER endorsed tirade, the reason for singling out my marijuana use, as it is forbidden within the group.

“Paramahamsa Da Drug Smuggla”

(although they don’t mind selling world record volumes of it for decades).

Nanda also wields cult logic by saying that I am the one who cut my family off and that I did all of this to myself. They literally think that the reason I am unhappy is because I was the fool who left their “High Demand Closed Group”, a less charged term than cult and an accurate description.

Nanda actually admits that if he left, he would also lose everybody he loves. In the last part of his e-mail:

What Truth are you offering me really Rama? None. You’re offering a choice between my family and loved ones or a friendship with an angry,  asshole who has burnt everyone who has ever loved him in his life? Not a very sweet deal Rama.

Then he says :

What would I then do if you liberated me from my supposedly deluded brainwashed condition, O enlightened one? Would you then force me in to your crusade against my family, would we tag team them with TWO blogs bashing them? Imagine what sort of cool theories we could come up with then!”

I suggest that this erroneous equation is due to these guys knowing nothing else than blindly and fanatically following the dictates of the hateful, homophobic and extremely ignorant Chris Butler. They know nothing less than total fanatical dedication to a single ideology, so he thinks if he leaves his group he has to follow somebody else, cult leader style.

This mentality I always came up against growing up. We were all totally dominated by Chris Butler’s philosophy, forbidden to let any philosophy besides his permeate our brains. We in turn equated listening to ANYONE who had their own ideas with following a different “Fallen” or “Deluded” leader. The fact we were all hopeless mind controlled cult members is the reason we never realized you should not follow ANYONE the way we worship Chris Butler, ESPECIALLY not Chris Butler! We handed him his totalitarian power over our minds, lives and children, so Nanda has never lived his life not following a cult leader, and in turn does not understand he could just be free.

All I’m doing is destroying his prison cell, at least pointing it out to him. Nanda thinks I want him to leave and join an anti-cult cult. All Nanda knows is a cult so this is why he projects this scenario.

Nanda if you ever chose to leave the controlling group you have been immersed in since birth, you can do anything you want and absolutely nothing you don’t. Shame on the “family and loved ones” who would cut you off for leaving or especially objecting to the group or the leader.

I want to say I was cut off for speaking out, it’s how I popped up on their radar. In the last couple of months I have communicated with many other people like me and Nanda, Chris Butler kids, all born and raised in it.

They all report being cut off and leveraged by the threat of being cut off by their families. They all report being cut out by every friend in the group, also. Most of them never spoke out but where treated the same way, some just cut out cold because they did not want to follow along as they got older, never speaking out.

Nanda rips on me for being a stoner, and you will notice constant little jabs at stoners on his “famous and cool” website. Nanda seemed to be pro weed when I hung out with him in 2005, talking about how we should smoke together as his brother and me used to “Choof like chimneys” on Maui when he was younger but he was unaware of what we were doing and what the bong was. He laughed saying he thought it was a penis pump and that was normal for older dudes to… nevermind.

A classic anecdote, but when I see Nanda’s weak jabs at stoners in his art, I know where it comes from. When he puts me down for smoking it I know where it comes from. I know Nanda is racking up kudos from cult members for every stoner he makes fun of. Nanda partakes at times, but in his public life he dismisses it in accordance with Chris Butler philosophy.

From an anonymous source, very true. Nanda lives with the MIASMA of Chris Butler’s world view, his ideas and sensibilities are all filtered through this:

One thing that I noticed comparing your artwork with Nanda’s. You are both strong with similar styles. But his work carries the bitter and cynical world view of Butler’s real teachings. You know, the material world is a place of misery and the only way you can be really happy is serving guru…yada yada yada. Your work is whimsical and funny. It just carries more light-heartedness and spirit. Just an observation.

The cult and its members do not interact with my information. They believe they are right and they believe they know everything there is to know. They see me being angry or emotional and they discover I smoke weed. AHA! They pounce, thinking they have me dead to rights. It is CASE CLOSED, I am insane because I left Chris Butler’s guidance, my mind is not functioning properly because I smoke weed. They believe that by assassinating my character based on my choices to smoke weed and express my frustrations that they have absolutely defeated me. This works fine within their cult, but in the real world you still have the little issue of the actual debate and interacting with the information.

Nanda and everyone in the group are forbidden to take part in any negative conversation about Chris Butler. They are forbidden to publicly admit they follow Chris Butler these days, but everybody who has known us all these years are aware Chris Butler is our particular guru.

betterbutler butler

Chris Butler is a maniac who has veiled his image and philosophy as “Hare Krishna” but this is a cult by every definition, absolutely tarnishing the name and image of genuine Krishna devotees in the world. Chris Butler forbids them to associate with any Krishna devotees outside their own group, whereas genuine Krishna devotees study with and serve a guru who ENCOURAGES they study and chant Krishna with as many different guru’s and devotees as they can.

Nanda will not disavow Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa. Nanda would not be comfortable studying with various Krishna groups and comparing the difference to his group.

Chris Butler has been a complete cult leader since before any of us were born, and we were all taught that he is the only legitimate way on earth to contact Lord Krishna, our god. Chris Butler put himself up for absolute worship and adoration, accepting total loyalty from and total control over our willing parents since before ANY of us were born.

Nanda and all his friends in the group are likely over 90% born in. Totally conditioned to not seeing anything even unusual about their group, their leader and his totalitarian  rule over their lives, minds and hearts.

A cult is not an obvious thing to someone within it who accepts it. Especially to Nanda and our friends in the group because we knew nothing else and were never offered an alternative.

Nanda does not refute his involvement with Chris Butler. Nanda does not refute that he chanted prayers to Chris Butler in 2005 last time I saw him, shortly before he cut off contact with me along with every other member of the Chris Butler group.

The tone, logic and many points in this e-mail are exactly the same responses I got from my parents when they actually communicated while cutting me off.

I also received this sentiment recently when a friend also left my Facebook the moment the factually accurate mainstream New Zealand news article came out, exact timing and reason Nanda and Nimai left.

This friend is not a part of the group per say, married outside the group, did not use Krishna names for their children, but some of their family are deeply involved in the cult and are my mothers best friends. This person lives near my mother and cut me off without a word along with the total cult members.

This person did to their credit continue to talk with me behind the scenes but they could never be seen to have me as a friend on facebook. The response of this friend is EXACTLY like the one Nanda gave me, it is a protection mechanism we were all programmed with being born and raised WITHIN the Chris Butler cult.

No sympathy whatsoever, so indignantly infallible and absolutely convinced of their bulletproof goodness and righteousness  usually leading to my favorite line of all time “At least you were raised vegetarian”

This is the mindset of the cult members, perfectly displayed by somebody who actually doesn’t really worship Chris Butler but backs up the cult.

My messages in GREEN,

Hey I’m fuckin’ sorry for whatever it’s worth. Not sure if you are angry at me but I hope you understand it is what I’ve been through
 Just pretty crazy dude. It sucks that you resent your upbringing so much I had an awesome childhood and have the utmost respect to my parents and the people around us through our early days. I don’t know what you were trying to achieve there, your mum has been dealt a tough hand the past 10 years, but rest assured, she will be fine.
 Thanks for responding I appreciate it. No disrespect I was absolutely coldly cut off in 2006 my parents never reached out to me again and since 2006 I have had no contact with anyone on the inside. It was an order placed on me. Sorry ——— I’m a fucked up dude but to me that is so wrong Thanks for hearing me out and the response I really appreciate it take it easy
So what, now your out for revenge??? I think it would be best if you accept radhe’s (my mother’s cutesy cult nick name) faith and if you don’t like it I guess that’s nobody else’s problem but your own. If nothing else they bought you up vegetarian…you are luckier than you may think. Hearing you talking bullshit about having a “slave name”…a survivors story….blah blah that was such nonsense to read, it really sucks that you feel that way but you crossed the line big time… All the best Rama. Peace
 Crossed it in 2006, said it all then. 
How completely fucking cold is that?
This supposed non cult member told me “SO WHAT” your family disowned you, this supposed non cult member also told me that if I have any problem with what they did to me it is nobody else’s problem but my own. Basically saying I have no right to take issue with a fanatical religious regime with zero accountability, absolute secrecy and extremely abusive practices on their children that I was forced into with no choice.
This just bothered me a lot re reading it. I looked again and they heard me out a lot more and actually sent me a very heart felt response. I appreciate that, but looking back just seeing how I had to prostrate my self to this same crazy mentality again and again, just to attempt to talk to some old friends bothered me, and this is what I come up against with Nanda, surely voicing the views of the group as a whole.
This person expressed to me an  open ear and deep compassion following what I posted above. They expressed a genuinely independent response, I do not think they agree with ways I have been treated.

There is not one ounce of sympathy or pause and reflection on my information. Zero validity for my experience which fits the definitions of abuse clearly.

Unfortunately Nanda has little to no understanding what the definition of a cult is. I will use cult researcher (not the rapper and not the crack dealer, the other Rick Ross) Rick Ross’ definition.

Rick Ross defines a destructive cult as a group that meets all these 3 criteria.

  • A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose power.
  • A process [is in use] call[ed] coercive persuasion or thought reform.
  • Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.

In the Sunday Star Times article about the Chris Butler group that Nanda Ormond was raised in along with myself,

[Note; The Science Of Identity Foundation is the front for this group set up by Chris Butler. I just call it the Chris Butler cult because Science Of Identity does not fully represent everything that actually goes on in secret within this group.]

Rick Ross is quoted as saying about this group, from Sunday Star Times:

Rick Ross, founder of the US-based Cult Education Forum, says the Science of Identity appears to him to exhibit the three main characteristics of being a “destructive cult”: a charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship, a process of coercive persuasion or thought reform and the exploitation of group members.

“In my opinion Chris Butler fits the role of the charismatic leader, who is the driving force and defining element of the Science of Identity group,” he says.

“Butler has essentially become an object of worship and the group is largely personality driven.”

He says he has received many serious complaints about abuse within the Science of Identity from posts on the Cult Education Institute message board. “They have said that they were exploited and hurt through involvement with Butler and the Science of Identity.”

The 3rd definition of a destructive cult is a system of exploiting and hurting the members within the group.

The Chris Butler group has this. See links in my first article for much more, but in my own case I was seriously abused from age 3 to 8 in Whangamata directly under Chris Butler’s cult orders not to give me drugs for my asthma and repeatedly risking my young life.Nanda offers no acknowledgement of this, carried out on me by his mother Jan Ormond and Robyn Ranson, referenced and linked in my initial article.

Nanda’s Response E-Mail:

FWD:I Hope You’re Happy

Hey dRama Rants-on

Thanks for the good luck wishes and hopes that I am happy in the subject line, I would be pretty happy if it wasn’t for you trying to destroy my entire family and everyone I love but you know, it’s a nice sentiment.

Yep that was me that reported your totally hateful, hurtful and completely untrue (I pointed out Nimai’s father in law was one of the biggest drug dealers in the world, never acknowledged by these guys even after mainstream factual articles. He was completely busted, prosecuted and served time) call outs to Nimai and me on Instagram. I don’t know if you even know Nims, you definitely never hung out with him, so after like 15 years  away suddenly claiming you know all about him and bullying him and his wife is completely bananas man, so yeah I checked that shit and I’m glad instagram did something about it. You are being a total fucking bully man. I know Nimai pretty well, granted a lot of time has gone by. See me response to this at the very bottom.

So you want to know why I haven’t responded to any of your e-mails? Well as inviting and enticing as they are, there are perhaps one or two things which made me a bit unsure about whether you are really offering your friendship or not…

“Dude what the fuck man? Are you really a fucking cult member?” I said i hope you are not, but you are sure acting like one

“Yo what’s up with your real dad?

Varo and Jan sure fuckin cult smacked that dude out of the picture,” I still imagine this is true

“Let me spell it out, bro

CULT!” just trying to get through to this dude

“Say something back Nanda, you fucking pussy.” again, only after 9 years of beating my head against a brick wall

“You are not a man or even a human, Nanda, until you stop acting like a cult member, brainwashed mu’fucka!” am I really wrong, no response at this point.

“Be a fuckin man, not Varo’s little bitch boy.” Nanda, please do not discard this valuable advice, my friend.

“Does your fucking brain work?”still to be determined…

“Here you go Nandies, you pathetic fuck.

Good luck with your image and career, shithead.”  if this idiot had even half tried to hear me out, I never would have written my article. Hence my “I hope you are happy”

“better reply quick, mate.” – fair warning was given, but no response.

Scattered throughout your emails are these venomous threats, demands, accusations and lies, all things which I feel are not very friendly. As a first point, you do not accuse someone or their family of being a brainwashed CULT freak and expect them to say “ OH WOW, totally! Hey man haven’t seen you in years “ . That immediately comes across as an insult Rama, that’s bad friending ok?

Secondly, the reason I blocked you on FB is the same reason I don’t want to talk to you, you lie about people I love and care about. When I saw you started posting stuff about this ” cult ” that you’d escaped and how they are all ” sick fucks ” I immediately realised you meant your parents, who as you so often say I grew up with practically as my own, so I was like “Well he’s crazy… ” and I blocked you. They’re not “ SICK FUCKS “, they’re really loving, wonderful people, as are my parents. Here are some things you’ve been saying about your parents and bro… While raised in this cult, we were all taught over and over and over that we can never repay our parents for both giving birth to us but also for the gift they gave us of being fed into this cult. I remember my mum driving this into me constantly, you owe your parents so much it is highly unlikely anybody ever truly repays what they owe their parents. It is taught in a general sense, too, like you owe it to your non cult parents but it is pervasive. My whole life my dad always told me how much my mum suffered and cried for me when I was young and sick, that I could never ever upset her.

Well it turns out when I can finally see what really happened there is that they abused me. He tries to leverage me with my mother’s pain, yet I was the one abused. Her pain was surely the damn guilt of willingly abusing your own son for an insane cult agenda.

It’s pretty obvious now this is a major defense mechanism programmed into the children born and raised in this cult to serve master Chris Butler. Nanda is 30 damn years old and cannot intellectually engage in anything critical of not only his own controlling insane parents but also my own who he knows full well cut me off because I am the lone nutter who left their group.

I suggest Nanda’s inability to criticize his own parents let alone other parents in the group is a major sign of the cult upbringing, literally keeping you in an immature state of development or regressing you into a child like mindset.

Who has not absolutely broken their parents down to little pieces and seen them for the flawed people they and we all are by the time we are 15 or 20? I suggest this phase of these kids development has been stunted and suppressed. Granted most parents wouldn’t mind keeping their kids seeing them as they did when young, but most parents don’t have the finely honed arsenal of perfected mind control techniques that Chris Butler uses on his followers, who in turn use it on their own children.

I believe this following portion below was compiled by and forwarded to Nanda by the cult, literally just like a Scientology dirt file used to leverage members, as it is compiled from all my writings and articles. I know Nanda has never read any of that stuff and never would have done the research necessary to compile these. They are cherry picked from the last 9 years and buried amidst hundreds and hundreds of other posts.

I literally forced Nanda to interact with the info only because I loaded his article with it. He had to read it to respond, did not research a single link and largely resorts to superficial Ad Hominem character attacks on me and the screen shots of individuals in my article.

A defining characteristic of a destructive cult is something called INFORMATION CONTROL where the group limits your access to outside information. This extends into only associating with like minded cult members.

In the case of Nanda and the group that obeys Chris Butler they are forbidden to read any information on the internet that is critical of their group. They are also forbidden to associate with and listen to anybody who speaks that information, like myself.

They are equally forbidden to educate themselves on the subject of cults. If you know Nanda or Nimai try to talk about cults in general with them, not their particular group. Educate them on the subject.

What you will notice will likely be telling and possibly the last you see of them for a while.

Presumably from my cult dirt file, note format change in e-mail, Nanda never used the bullet point dots before, it was all “quotation marks”, I think this was a cut and paste:

• WORTHLESS PATHETIC you should have NEVER HAD CHILDREN, YOU FUCKING SCUMBAGS!  written maybe 8 years ago after my parents totally cut me off for speaking my mind about the group they raised me in. let me spell it out… CULT!!!

You will truly suffer from your hideous actions. Run and tell that, SoI spooks, you are slimy worms. get a real life. – SoI spooks means the followers who watch that forum, attempt to out the anonymous posters, compile files like this on us all, contact our families when they find out who we are and send word across the whole group “Not To Associate” with me. This is identical to Scientology labelling people who leave or oppose the group as “S.P.’s”, Suppressive Peoples. The very fact that this is in here suggests it offended some “SoI spook” who was monitoring the cult forum so they added it to my file of offenses, pretty much proving the point/joke i made AT LEAST 7 YEARS AGO when I wrote this.

ROBYN LYNN RANSON and SUDAMA PETER RANSON a.k.a. LAKSMANA DAS RANSON are the biggest scumbags to ever walk the face of the earth. I wrote this in 2008 on the forum after they successfully blocked me from my father Allan Ranson’s funeral. I was willing to put all differences aside when I heard Dad had died. I talked calmly and nicely to my brother for a while then asked is Mum there? My brother said “She doesn’t want to talk to you, and neither do I.” Prahlad Webb and Nanda Ormond were allowed to my dad’s funeral, but not his own son.

This group demands we all respect their religious freedom while shitting all over everybody else, they believe they are so right that they can deny me attending my own rather’s funeral. Pretty much everyone I wrote about who I grew up with were there, but not me. Nanda and Prahlad sure didn’t blink an eye, fully backing all of this up. I’m sure Nanda was there, I saw photos of Prahlad there with my cousins that my family had.

• If what I say makes you cry, good, I am glad it is finally in your face. from so long ago even I can’t recall. removed of all context. Nanda never ever dug through that forum this deeply. Absolutely no way. Even I could never find this one.

And my parents…

One thing is for certain, Robyn Ranson and Jan Ormond absolutely love heartlessly molding,

conditioning and programming the youngest, fresh baby and young children’s minds into a

completely brainwashed servant of Chris…  “

“you are complicit in this extremely disgusting child abuse.” this is all from my article linked above about my child abuse

“Also, it’s going to be a lot of fun when I visit Nana and Grandad, eh? should I call you a cunt

to your face? Or just a cult member?” this was to George to let him know if I ever have to see him in the house I grew up in while visiting my family, I will address him to his preference.

“ …absolutely naming Jan as helping enable my mother’s abuse, absolutely backing up her actions …” – Jan Ormond enabled and assisted my mother in abusing me. Fully aware of the cult directive and a loyal servant of Chris Butler my entire life.

Way to strengthen the bonds of friendship Rama, you fucken psycho. The things you are saying about both of our parents are crazy, untrue, and so hurtful! As if I’d want to talk to you and AS IF you are trying to be my friend, you fucken idiot.

Thirdly, if someone doesn’t want to talk to you, that is actually their choice. Their FREEDOM Rama. If you harass them or threaten them with defamation if they don’t respond, that’s bad friending too Rama. That’s something a fanatic CULT member would do. It’s Very bad friending.

Fourthly, you sound very stupid when you accuse people of things you know nothing about just because you know nothing about them. I went and had great times with my Dad most holidays whenever he lived in NZ, which he didn’t always do. Pretty hard for my Dad to come hang on the weekend from Germany, Rama, Quite a long flight you know. This level of  ignorance is evident in all of your wild babblings.

Fifthly, I like conspiracy movies too but the script you cooked up about my dads villa rental business is lame man. VILLA RENTAL BUSINESS ACTUALLY FRONT FOR CULT DRUG SOMETHIGN OR SOEMTHIG is a shit title for a movie. I mean I’ve always wanted to be in a crazy movie and have car chases with drug lords but your script sucks, Even the Da Vinci code is more compelling, more plausible. Even that really bad movie with Nicholas Cage and the treasure map bank note is better, and that’s a fucken bad movie.

Sixthly, paranoid stoner conspiracy theorists are so 90s man! You’ve got to get out of that shit, it’s embarrassing. You were more fun when you believed in aliens and that bill clinton was a reptile back in Hawaii, stick to that shit man. This new trip you’re on is such a bummer for all of us. Put down your bong and go for a skate,  you’re baked!

There are so many reasons I didn’t want to talk to you but here I am talking to you. It’s not because of some Cult edict or instruction, I just don’t like talking to assholes. I’m hoping that this will give you some satisfaction, because I want you to stop attacking all the people I love, who loved you. I’m pretty sure it won’t make you feel better, but it seems to be what you want so I’ll try and satisfy you.

However you look at it, your claim that you want to help me and be my friend is on all counts obviously bullshit. You do not act like a friend, you publicly claim to be but behind the scenes you scream and froth and threaten my parents and me, what you really want is for me to listen to you while you insult and degrade my family and friends, tell me how brainwashed I am and how fucked my life is, how stupid I am and how you’re the only smart one among all of us “ brainwashsed, born in, conditioned “  that can see the “ Truth “ .

What Truth are you offering me really Rama? None. You’re offering a choice between my family and loved ones or a friendship with an angry,  asshole who has burnt everyone who has ever loved him in his life? Not a very sweet deal Rama. What would I then do if you liberated me from my supposedly deluded brainwashed condition, O enlightened one? Would you then force me in to your crusade against my family, would we tag team them with TWO blogs bashing them? Imagine what sort of cool theories we could come up with then! It always annoyed me how my dad picked at his heel, is that kind of like abuse? Hey maybe we could Start our OWN cult! You sure seem to know lots about them, and you sound and act exactly like a deranged CULT fanatic who has to force his views on everyone, and if they don’t respond or agree then FUCK THEM. Are you not exhibiting everything you’re supposedly fighting against?

It is exceedingly clear to me that you are tripping dude. You’re on a bad trip, not because of your upbringing, which was in my memory practically a constant birthday party filled with skateboards and nintendos, or your parents, who anyone who has met them knows are sane, intelligent, lovely people,  but because of you. You are completely responsible for all of the suffering which you are clearly going through right now. Trying to make it everyone else’s problem is only making it worse for you, deepening your pain, and yet for some reason you keep persisting. They say insanity is doing something again and again and expecting different results, well then you are insane. This crusade you are on won’t make you happy Rama, If you can’t see that it’s YOU that cut YOURSELF off  from your parents and YOU whose lies are causing all this pain for people and YOU who needs to be helped out of their delusion then you are fucking insane. You are the “shithead” actually. Your whole life now seems to be based around lies, hate, and anger, and you are the one choosing to live like that, so stop making it our problem. And stop pretending you are trying to help us, this is an entirely megalomaniac crusade to satisfy your own desires, whatever the fuck they are.  At some point I felt sorry for you but we are past that point now I think… I don’t know, no I do feel sorry for you. It must be horrible being trapped in your increasingly insane mind, but that doesn’t excuse what you are doing. So fucken stop it, seriously.

Get some help, not from these cult fanatic conspiracists you roll with now who are encouraging your twisted fantasies, but from some people who can actually help you. You are not happy, that is obvious, so change what you are doing.



It returned to Nanda in the later portion, maybe some family members helped but the final part is pure cult philosophy and programming. Keeping them all loyal to it. I will update further.

back to me:

In particular the detail about me being cooler when I lived on maui and believed in aliens and that Bill Clinton was a reptilian shape shifter, this was a little love from my old bro Prahlad I think. I showed him the admittedly extremely mental but pretty fuckin rad book “The Biggest Secret” by David Icke back on Maui in 2000 perhaps. Little poochie woochie Prahlad looked at me with a pretty culty look on his face and mumbled instantly “Srila Prabhupada (Chris Butler) said not to pay attention to that stuff.” I just looked at him all “okayyyyyyyyy”. I may have read about reptilians but that doesn’t mean I believe it. I sure wouldn’t run out and find some fellow David Icke fanatic that was passably attractive and marry her, have kids then raise them worshipping David Icke, believing literally every rambling word he had every uttered as god’s truth and dedicate my children to David Icke’s service, which is what you psycho’s have done under Chris Butler.

Another funny point, they try to make fun of me for being crazy having read a David Icke book because it talks about aliens and reptilian/human hybrids, claiming that I believe this, yet they believe absolutely literally that everything in the Indian vedas is true. I love twistin’ one up and pouring over some ancient texts as much as the next guy, but you guys are blind believers, taking literally much mythology and coded ancient fables that were not meant to suffer your clunky literal interpretations.

The vedas were actually one of the main ancient traditions that David Icke drew on to show evidence of a human/reptilian serpant race known in the Vedas as the Nagas.

So by my math, that makes all of you a bunch of reptilian/human hybrid believers, not me.

Prahlad Webb, Nanda Ormond, Jan Webb, George Ormond and my whole family all believe even weirder stuff like the moon we see is the real moon, but the moon the astronauts went to is not the one we can see in the sky it is actually a decapitated demon’s head floating through space, named Ragu’s head. The moon that we DO see, mind you, is actually a “Heavenly Planet” teeming with life, color, animals, vegetation and people who live thousands of years per lifetime. So let’s take it easy on the “Who believes the most weird shit” competition, you guys have a corner on the market there.

Me talking about Nimai Van Den Bos:

Nanda said I don’t know Nimai Van Den Bos. Nimai grew up with me in Whangamata. Nimai was a crazy little toothless kid who had smashed his front baby teeth out because he was on a skateboard on his knees, hit a rock and smashed his front teeth out early, so I remember his funny little face well, we always played together as kids. I have seen Nimai less than Nanda only because Nimai did not visit Maui twice and stay with us like Nanda did. I reconnected with Nimai after a long time in 2005 first saw him at Prahlad’s wedding.

It was a mutually awesome reconnection, I remember we were both beaming.
my 2005 trip continued and I was back in Whangamata and out skateboarding, I went to the Whanga skatepark. Nimai had just got into town and asked where I was, he drove over to the skatepark to join me in the session.

It was truly awesome, lots of fun. Nimai was riding a pretty beat up skateboard, and just the deck in New Zealand is $120 ($50 in the US).
I was leaving the next day and I had brought extra skateboard decks and had one left, a brand new REAL skateboard that I bought of my friend pro skater Dennis Busenitz.
I handed it to Nimai and he was in pure disbelief “Are you serious? Fuuuuuuuuuuck man, you’re a legend!”
It was awesome, I always rememberd that,happy to hook him up I got it nice and cheap and it would help Nimai way more than me.

So I like to feel like I know Nimai and Nanda and anyone who was ever my good friend well.

I was never ever the one shutting the door, just the one speaking his mind.