(…who make shitty mind control music)

Wai Lana is married to Chris Butler, they are both worshipped as the only 2 holy people on Earth who can connect you to Krishna (their God) by their followers, worshipped as the only true “Pure Devotees” alive.

At 8 years old in Sedona, Arizona I was taught to bow, laying flat on the floor or knees on the floor, head and face on the ground, worshipping Wai Lana and Chris Butler. 

This only happens in private, as we are ordered not to show this in public. Should you ever peek behind the veil, Chris Butler and Wai Lana accept total worship from their hopelessly mind controlled and deluded followers.

These 2 individuals, Chris Butler “Siddhaswarupananda” and Wai Lana are cult leaders. Their group including my immediate family followed an order not to talk to me. My parents were told and in turn told me that unless I remove all negative commentary about them from the internet that I could not speak to them or be a part of the family.

Chris Butler and Wai Lana make shitty Mind Control music, and order their followers and their children to listen only to Chris Butler and Wai Lana. If you die and you are listening to them, you are safe. Kids are told this and internalize it within the cult at the youngest ages. This has severely traumatic consequences on the developing understanding of the world for these kids.

I grew up listening only to Chris Butler chanting, and his album Mantra Electric. I only felt truly safe and comfortable when I heard this jackass’ weasel tones reverberating in my ears and brain.


MindControl Electric

Here is a classic from that album, the cult member musicians are not bad, they get to shine during the lead when Chris and mis mind control pre auto tune keyboard tone take a hike. Dark Side of The Moon style.

I say what drove me out of the cult at ages 13 onward was the absolute dogshit music.  Get out and never have to listen to “Siddha” ever again.

The newest effort, paid for by the poor member’s hard earned money and possibly a surplus of illegal drug profits from Patrick Bowler’s heyday,

“Paramahamsa Da Drug Smuggla”

In a subsequent article Patrick Bowler is tied to the cult by Rama Ranson.


Patrick Bowler was drawn to the healthy living mantras of the Hare Krishna religion in the 1970s.

He became an adherent to Chris Butler’s Science of Identity, an offshoot of mainstream Hare Krishna. He later became a master drug smuggler, earning millions of dollars as he trafficked hundreds of tonnes of hashish from Afghanistan and India to North America and Europe.

The Sunday Star-Times revealed last month how Bowler and fellow Kiwi Greg Timewell turned Federal witness in return for reduced sentences. When Timewell was arrested in 1995, he turned in his former mate Bowler,  and Timewell’s testimony led to hundreds of convictions worldwide. Bowler was arrested in Switzerland and became a prolific informant, flying to Thailand, Holland and around as a DEA undercover operative, and risking his life on perilous assignments.

They were released from prison in the United States in 2010 after serving lengthy sentences, and their stories were revealed in the Star-Times last month.

The paper has now tracked Timewell down to a remote border town in Thailand. He had changed his name by deed poll. He and his girlfriend declined to speak.

But Timewell’s cousin Greta Jourdain said he was a bit of a “wild child” who had found solace in the Hare Krishna religion.

“He had a magnetism, he always had a beautiful lady on his arm.”

Listed on Bowler’s US indictment were his many aliases, which included the Guru, Top Hat, and Das Paramahaja, a misspelling of his initiated name Paramahansa Das. In the judge’s sentencing notes, it was noted how Bowler “always seems ready to help others and share in the spiritual resources” while in prison.

“He leads classes in meditation to assist in keeping the level of the activities there calm. He teaches yoga and meditation classes there.”

Rama Ranson remembers Bowler from his time within the Science of Identity.

“I have known him and his children my whole life.

“He was known through the whole cult, he was the man and everyone knew he had tonnes of money.”

He says Bowler was heavily involved in the Science of Identity in New Zealand, which is believed to number several hundred.

Bowler declined a request for an interview.

In a statement, Jeannie Bishop, president of the Science of Identity Foundation, said: “As a branch of Vaishnava Hinduism, the Science of Identity Foundation recognizes the free will of every individual to follow the path of life they want to follow.

“Rama das Ranson has never been a member of the Foundation and we have respected his right not to follow the path of Vaishnava Hinduism].

“Patrick Bowler is not a member of the Foundation, but to our knowledge, is now sincerely trying to practice Vaishnava Hinduism, which includes using his life to help others.

“We are aware of certain allegations but do not wish to dignify them with a response other than to say you should be very critical of the motivation of people making many of these allegations.

“Chris Butler and the Foundation have worked to help many people get their lives back on track, including Patrick Bowler and will continue to do so.”

Wai Lana/Chris Butler’s cult’s new effort is titled “Namaste” and features different locations.


Some seem to be actors as I do not know of a black man dumb enough to worship Chris Butler. Note the edit timed to show black man and the word “Brother” together:


“Shit, do I look like I worship a white man? Hell nah, I ain’t puttin no nasty ass toenails in my mouth neither. Ya’ll niggas is crazy”

My mother Robyn Ranson on the far left, my Uncle Blake Foster and Auntie Jackie Foster are second and third from the right.


All are Chris Butler and Wai Lana worshippers since I was born 1979 (so longer than that), My mother Robyn Ranson owns the Lake Pukaki homestay on behalf of the cult.

This same land is the proposed site of the “40 building complex” Allan Tibby and my father Allan Ranson among others have been working towards on Chris Butler’s behalf. Twizel, New Zealand, you do not want these clowns in your town.

My uncle Blake Foster, A.K.A. Baladeva Das and Allan Tibby own this Lavender farm “New Zealand Alpine Lavender, Ltd” next door to my Mother’s bed and breakfast front operation. This is also staffed with Chris Butler “devotees” (cult members) and I imagine is a total front as well.

In the “our story” tab you will find this about the owners:

Born from the vision of Allan Tibby and skill set of Blake Foster, the story begins in February 2009, when Allan approached the leading authority in New Zealand about growing organic lavender.

From a friendship spanning decades, Blake was inspired by Allan’s lavender dream. Blake believed his practical skills would form the perfect partnership with Allan, the visionary. Both had certainty that there was a future in organic lavender farming and were excited about the idea of creating such a pure product.

Allan Tibby is profiled in both parts of the Bevan Hurley articles. Part One here. Part 2 already linked above. Allan Tibby ran the Chris Butler cult boarding school My brother Laksmana Sudama Ranson and myself attended. Allan Tibby denies being affiliated with Chris Butler and Science Of Identity, yet he indoctrinated me and my brother into Chris Butler’s cult as young kids at his school. Allan Tibby is also the current prominent face dispensing Chris Butler’s philosophies on youtube (the safe ones, not the inner circle teachings, orders and mentality) for Butler’s Science Of Identity Foundation.

All these New Zealand high level Chris Butler cult members are prominently featured in this horrendous Wai Lana music video “Namaste”.

  • Paid for by proceeds from the Chris Butler cult, including the seemingly purchased view count.
  • Wai Lana’s cult queen ego would not allow a choreographer, evidently.
  • Wai Lana’s cult queen ego the only reason she has been boosted to fame by her husband and his group.
  • Despite heavy auto tuning, Wai Lana’s voice is easily the single worst on the planet. Tone deaf, heavy, unrelenting accent and seeming speech impediments have been forced upon my undeserving ears since the early eighties. Please end the reign of terror, O cult beast Wai Lana.


Alternative Lyrics:

“Namaste to you my slave, you might escape, if you brave

Namaste to you my slave, in my cult your family stay.
They do not receive much pay, but dey serve me every day.

In my cult you should be fine, as long as mangos are on time.

Breaking child labor laws,
As your daughters scrub my floors

We raise you since you had no age, coerce, control, abuse all day.

We penetrate your little mind, replace real love with Butler kind.

(Weird bridge:)

We are one of the most successful and insidious mind control cults in the world!”