Back in 1997, I was a 17 year old kid, driving around with my happy family in New Zealand, our first trip home since leaving a few years earlier.

My little brother Laks, only 15 at that time had already been removed from my family to be raised and brainwashed to serve cult leader Chris Butler by non family cult members, in true ISKCON Gurukula fashion.

Despite that, I remember being in the back seat, driving through the densely beautiful forests of the Coromandel Peninsula making our way to our home town of Whangamata, New Zealand.

My Father driving, my mother riding shotgun I was in the back seat blasting loud punk rock into my ears. Being raised by fanatical Hare Krishna cult members, constantly being implanted with the fanatical mindset and the program to obediently surrender my life, mind and will to that of Chris Butler “Siddhaswarupananda”.

This programming was rapidly being obliterated by the messages embedded in Fletcher Dragge’s frantic riffs, belted out by Jim Lindberg this message hit hard and I never ever forgot.


“Waste Of Time”

I’ve got a question for all you sinners
Have you ever wondered is this all there is to life?
A quick adventure not much to mention
A slow procession leading us to die
Or is there a heaven a distant valley
A golden meadow waiting for us in the sky
No one right answer spirit seems broken
Still I just can’t help but wonder why
Seems like a tragic waste of time
Who cares what happens when you die?
Life’s too short to wonder why
Get on with your life
In towering churches and holy temples
They all conspired to tell me how to live my life
But no religion or new theism
Could ever provide proof to quench my mind
And now I wonder who’s sky I’m under
Is there a heaven waiting for me when I die
No one right answer spirit seems broken
And still I can’t help but wonder why
So many questions I can’t tell the difference
Too many abstract thoughts now wrestle in my mind
But through the darkness somewhere should be waiting
A final truth to shower me with light
Their pearls of wisdom and tales of glory
They fed me nicely until I found it was all a lie
No one right answer spirit seems broken
And still I just can’t help but wonder why

Open Letters to my Grandparents Jack and Enid Campbell

Robyn Ranson and Jackie Foster are mind controlled by cult leader Chris Butler

I wrote these and shared them with members of my family. My grandparents, my mother’s parents have never much wanted to hear about any of the problems I have been having with Chris Butler “Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa” and the Science Of Identity Foundation over the past 10 years.

They always say “We don’t want to get involved” which is all obviously the job my mum has done on them over the years to both tell them it’s none of their business all the aspects of the group that she conceals, and also the threat that she would totally cut them off if they give her any trouble.

This is the paradigm they have had to exist within, enforced on them by Robyn Ranson since her teenage years.

Robyn joined before leaving high school

Chris Butler is my mother’s “Spiritual Master”. This man has trained and ordered every one of his fanatical followers to worship him like a god and to be totally obedient to him, and they all are.

Most are people who have believed this abusive cult leader and followed his will unquestioningly for 40 years. My parents Allan and Robyn Ranson where these types of followers.

Jack and Enid Campbell are my grandparents, my Mother Robyn Ranson and her sister Jackie Foster joined Chris Butler’s cult in their teens, and have both successfully raised a new generation of fanatical Chris Butler followers. (myself excluded, of course.)


I wrote these three messages openly to my Grandparents on Facebook. This is testament to the level of denial they have had to live within for the last 40 years, as their two lovely daughters were hopelessly mind controlled before ever leaving high school, showing every possible red flag like refusing to enter their house because they cooked meat there, and subsequently putting them on notice of threat, unspoken and ongoing for 40 years, that if my grandparents give my mother or her sister one ounce of opposal or resistance about the Chris Butler cult, that they would not hesitate in cutting them off.

My grandparents have chosen to aquiesce to this disgusting, fanatical and ultimately soulless and emotionless attitude of my mother, Robyn Ranson.

Robyn Ranson cut me off without a problem in 2006.

Over that time I spoke to her 3 times on the phone, all initiated by myself.

Every time I am inevitably crying my guts out. I realized she has never so much as shed a tear or wavered in her emotions during all those calls.

She is a cold and detached soulless woman. She is expert in convincing everybody in her life otherwise, but she will not tolerate you for a fraction of a second should you really ask her about me and particularly the fact she acts on orders of her cult leader to sever ties with her own son.

Below are the letters, born of absolute frustration over this birthday card. 

I had gone to great lengths to sit my Grandparents down and explain to them the abuse I suffered by my Mum and my ongoing problems with the Cult. They heard me out, were sympathetic and understanding. Then they send this card with no details on what exactly they are upset about, how I am wrong or out of line. Particularly after they were understanding. At least tell me what changed.

I suspect this is all influenced by my mother. She was at their house around when this was sent, she had my Aunty (non cult) Christine send me a Happy birthday by facebook.

If you can’t talk to me, don’t run around New Zealand getting people to send me loaded and manipulative birthday cards, feigning love for your son who you coldly cut out of your life.

Robyn Ranson you are doing the bidding of a paranoid and terrified cult who likely have you implicated in numerous money laundering scams. You are so mind controlled you think anything they tell you to do is right and without consequence.

I am the consequence of the way they told you to raise me, and the way they told you to cut me off.

I am fucked up, a brainwashed kid who got his mind back and has been systematically abused and punished by the network of cult members for not following along. Your cult claims to allow us brainwashed kids the freedom to choose our own life, but the fact is you give us no chance in life to be independent of your cult.

We are only educated upon Cult Leader Chris Butler’s direction and approval, for the sole purpose in utilizing us as his unpaid servants to further his disgusting business or “creative” endeavors, making the megalomaniac rich on the lives and unpaid labor of mind controlled children bred to serve him.

If we drop out of the program we are abandoned. If we even begin to upset the mentality of the cult members, we are rapidly blacklisted for life amongst the larger cult, and strung along by our disgusting families coerced back into some acceptably obedient position to the approval of the psychotic abuser Chris Butler.

You fraudulently own the Pukaki Lakeside Getaway, purchased with funds given to you by Chris Butler’s cult. You never for a second questioned where that money came from or the implications of accepting to purchase the property on their behalf. This implicates you directly if that money was illegally funneled back into circulation, commonly referred to as money laundering and like my upbringing, these things have consequence.

If any cult members like my mother with a whole property and business in their name were smart, they should flip Chris the bird and keep/sell the property, a small consolation for all the money and time you have sacrificed to this cult, along with so much else.

But they don’t, a testament to the strength of the mind control/loyalty. The leadership seem to have no doubt these people would never defect and burn their illegal agreement of rightful ownership.

This very property is the exact property Cult Leader Chris Butler lay claim to during his reign of terror in Twizel, New Zealand behind the cult front Ti – Leaf productions

Ti-Leaf is also discussed here. The property my mother “owns” is the same property that the cult sued the previous owners of.

This is what you are defending, Jack Campbell, willingly ignorant to your daughters ties to a drug running, child abusing and money hungry cult.



Letter 1:


“I got your card in the mail.

You don’t ever want to talk about anything, you never ever show nana anything I actually write on here.

You are afraid to know anything about what is really going on so I don’t talk to you guys about it.

Now you write to me and say I break your heart because I’m angry and you don’t understand.

Understand that Robyn and Jackie are involved in a very destructive cult. This cult ordered my mother to cut me off because I spoke against them.

Every aspect of this group that your 2 daughters have been heavily involved in is extremely destructive and dangerous.

You never ever tried to get help or understand what was really going on.

You still have no clue what they really do.

Robyn and Jackie are fanatical followers of a cult leader named Chris Butler.
You guys should have done something much earlier to save our family from this disgusting group, instead you never ever even tried, you and Nana fully enabled my mother.

Jack Campbell you and Nana stood by my mother stopping me from attending my own Father’s funeral, you guys probably never challenged her or even discussed it.

Jack Campbell you should have made my mother hold my fathers funeral in a NUETRAL location so I could have attended my own fathers funeral.

You guys don’t ever think about that, yet you send me a birthday card talking about the happy times, asking me what my problem is.

Well Granda and Nana my problem is my mother has been allowed to cut off her own son for 10 years and you guys never ever tried to help me, you never challenged her.

I never ever cut anybody off, and Allan, Robyn, Jackie, Blake, George, Jan, Nanda, Prahlad, Angie, Rangi and Nimai have ALL cut me off for 10 years because of an insane cult that nobody is allowed to challenge.

Grandad and Nana you have compromised and given in to the threat my mother laid out before I was born that if you give her any trouble about this insane Hare Krishna cult, that she would leave.

You should have understood that this is a very dangerous sign of a cult.

Only cults cut off family members, and you guys have known this since before I was born.

You write me and ask me to not be angry, just be happy with everything.

You guys need to talk to me more.
You don’t call me, I haven’t seen you face to face in 10 years.

You never tried to get me home it’s just hard communicating.

I have suffered a life of abuse because of your daughter Robyn not least when I was 3 right under your noses kept away from doctors and not allowed an inhaler.
Because Chris Butler the cult leader said so.

I remember how long I suffered without an inhaler and I remember it took me almost dying to get me my first doctor visit.

I know you and nana were in the clinic in Whangamata middle of the night.

All the asthma attacks I suffered for days on end we’re not necessary. I should have had the inhaler.

I was 3, we lived down the road from you and you guys couldn’t help me then.

Jan Ormond and my mum knew exactly what they were doing.

They were ordered not to give me any drugs so they didn’t want to take me to a doctor.

Mum and Jan sat around me trying to heal me with bogus energy healing while all I needed was an inhaler.

The inhaler works instantly and every single time.

This same cult raised Laks outside my family since he was 12.
Robyn sent him away to learn to serve the master Chris Butler and he has done for 20 years, Laks became the guys servant in Oahu.

This is all the stuff you don’t want to know about.

I have lost my whole family to a crazy cult leader like Jim Jones.

Now you think I’m crazy for being angry, I say you and Nana are blind to how bad my mum’s situation is.

She will do anything for this cult leader Chris Butler, she has given him so much money and her mind.
The cult leader took my Dad’s health food store from him, my Dad literally made no money from that store when he left Hawaii.

Down To Earth is owned by the cult and they pressured my dad for years to give them his business.
He finally went partners then gave them the whole store.

He couldn’t stop telling me how
Much he made on selling the house but he never whispered anything about making any money from Westside natural foods.

Sure we had good times but you guys never saw the ugly hidden truth.

I was raised in it and they have punished me for speaking against them, ordering everybody stop talking to me.

This is why I am angry.
You guys talk to me like I have a problem and there was nothing wrong with this group that ruined my life.

Nana and Grandad I’m sorry to say you did absolutely nothing to help my family get out of this terrible group, and now it’s way too late.

You can write to me about the good old days and try to make me feel bad for being angry,
But you don’t even care to understand.

I bet you don’t show this to Nana, either.”


Nana and Grandad.
You sent me a birthday card, the first half reminded me of good old days, the second half put a great deal of shame on me for being angry and judging my parents.

You cannot just say that without telling me what you mean. You have to tell me what I am wrong about.

We talked on the phone and I told you guys everything. You were totally understanding and you told me you thought their religion was messed up, explained all the problems you had in the early days.

You were sympathetic, surely you understood my anguish that I have been abused by this group by way of my family and friends within it.

Now you send me a completely opposite message, you said it breaks your heart that I’m angry and judge my mum and dad.

You don’t tell me what changed since we last spoke.

I am willing to be wrong but not without fully understanding the situation.

You and Nana have run away from understanding the situation since Jackie and Robyn joined this cult before they even left school.

You think you are doing no damage by “not getting involved” as you always say “we don’t want to get involved”.

You do not want to hear me out, that’s your choice.

You never challenged my mother which fully enabled and empowered her.
She absolutely abused me seriously beginning when I was 3, along with my Dad and Jan Ormond they all acted in full awareness.

That abuse continued long after I got the inhaler.

The first time I got Asthma again and asked mum for the inhaler she yelled at me and told me I should never use drugs, holding up the inhaler to me, forbidding me to use it.
She yelled “Srila Prabhupada does not want us to use drugs!”
That is the name of the cult leader Chris Butler. This was outside on the porch at your house right there in Whanga, when I was 4 the porch wasn’t finished yet, the railings weren’t put up and you guys still had the motel.

I have remembered this my whole life, but my mum made it normal for me, it was how I learned to bond with my family, accepting to suffer through my asthma using my inhaler as little as possible.

All my long days suffering with Asthma were completely unnecessary, I should have been allowed to use the inhaler as I needed, but they taught me not to.

This was all for Chris Butler the cult leader.

That was serious abuse and nobody ever realized it. But you cannot deny that. It has never ever been acknowledged in my family.

"Paramahamsa Da Drug Smuggla"

“Paramahamsa Da Drug Smuggla”

The man in the picture is George Ormonds business partner at Villa Getaways that he runs downstairs.
This man was one of the largest drug traffickers in the world   
This man I have known my whole life he was a big guy in the group who had all the money.

This guy sent us to Arizona and paid us to cook for the cult leader Chris Butler for the whole year.

This man put money in my Dads account every week for us to live on .

This man was the largest drug dealer in the world.
He did it to make money for Chris Butler.
Robyn raised us under these guys.

This man got arrested and would have gotten life in prison, but he made a deal and turned in 180 of his friends but still had to serve 10 years in America.

George Ormond strange reaction to general question on cults.

Patrick got out in 2010 and was put right back to work for the leader as George’s partner.

George Ormond talks about Patrick Bowler.

It is literally a cult of child abusers and drug traffickers convincing themselves they are just religious people doing it for a good cause.

I hope you understand my anger a bit better, you guys should be angry about this crap, too.

If you read the paper or heard me out, you would have known.


This man is Chris Butler. He is a destructive cult leader by every known definition.

This man has mind controlled your two daughters Jackie and Robyn since they were teenagers.

Your daughters taught us to worship this man.
Your daughters taught us to never question a thing this cult leader says.

This cult leader ordered Robyn not to speak to me anymore and she obeyed him.

Robyn worships this evil man.
This evil man Chris Butler ordered Robyn Ranson and Allan Ranson not to give me asthma medication when I was 3 and literally dying of asthma attacks.

This man is pure evil.
This man only cares about money and mind control.

This evil man Chris Butler will take a large amount of your money that you leave to Jackie and Robyn.

This evil man ran one of the largest drug trafficking rings in the world for at least 20 years, his followers happily go to prison for him.

George Ormond is this drug traffickers business partner, running a business for this evil cult leader out of your own house.

Jack Campbell  and Enid Campbell you are aiding this destructive cult of drug traffickers and child abusers by letting my mother influence you to ask me to stop speaking out against them.

Jan and George Ormond who live in your house are loyal servants of Chris Butler and his evil money hungry cult.

George gives all the profits for his “Villa Getaways” company to this insane cult leader, explaining why despite running an extremely successful business for many many years, he still rents from you.

This cult leader Chris Butler will take large amounts of your money once you leave it to Robyn and Jackie.

This cult leader literally made my Dad Allan Ranson give him his Maui health food store.

My dad was pressured to give it over, and he finally did.

This evil cult leader ruined my life and destroyed my family.
He ordered them to take every action against me since 2006.

Get da toe jams, bu.

My mother and father were also ordered not to send me to college because at 18 years old I declined to be an artist for their bogus cult projects. I did not want to be involved in creating propaganda for a destructive cult of mind controlled slaves.

So Chris Butler ordered my abuse as a child, he ordered they not send me to college, he ruined my Fathers business which in a normal scenario he would have wanted to pass on to me.
Butler ordered everyone excommunicate me.
Chris Butler ordered I not attend my Fathers funeral and Chris Butler ordered nobody tell me my brother has 2 kids and a wife, an order you and Nana also abided by.

My little brother Laks was sent away from me at 12 years old and kept away from me ever since also on orders of evil Chris Butler the insane cult leader.
Laks was to be kept away because I was a “Bad Influence” and my little brother has become the cult leader’s #1 hands on servant.

All these people are hopelessly mind controlled.

Mind control is real. It is the same techniques used on people for thousands of years.
It has been used by communist governments, corporations and most of all by fringe religious groups. (Among many other groups)

This man studied mind control in the 1970’s and began his group using mind control from the very start.
You yourself told me how as soon as Robyn and Jackie joined, they refused to enter your house or come home because you cook meat there.

That is pure mind control. Destructive cults break up families and remove anybody who questions them, like what happened to me.

The sad part is your daughters displayed terrible warning signs of mind control and cultic activity from the very beginning and you and nana have enabled and strengthened their cult loyalty by having to deny the reality.

You and Nana have had to live in denial, you convinced yourselves there was nothing wrong with this group, but you both have helped create this disaster that will never resolve.

You and Nana have stood by my mum through her most despicable actions since my Dad died.

My mum can’t even talk to me yet she is flying all around New Zealand to get you guys to write me manipulative and disgusting birthday cards, trying to emotionally leverage me into not destroying her precious little cult.

Jack and Enid Campbell, you should be so ashamed of the abomination of a family that succeeds you.

Grandad you never could see any fault in your precious little girl, thinking that zero conflict is the best parenting technique.

Well just know that anyone beyond you, nana, Jackie and Robyn take one look at this and know it is a tragedy that defies belief.

You absolutely failed me, and though you continue to jump through hoops for my mum and keep her destructive cult and megalomaniac cult leader appeased, you absolutely failed her.

In 40 years you both refused to see any real issues and continue on.

I say any real parents should have sought professional help decades ago.

I wish you had, but you didn’t and you allowed your grandson to be raised by a family who would leave him for dead, not send him to school or offer any help in life whatsoever.

I have had to live in exile by myself in San Francisco.

I have no money, no future and no way to get myself any job besides driving Taxi in SF.

So just think about that before you pen your next letter with my mum telling you what to write and how bad I am as she omits the big picture I lay out above.

Thank you, Jack Campbell for helping preside over the destruction of my life.



SOI automatons, John Conner speaks

Attention SOI automatons:

we realize we are locked in battle with an advanced legion of finely tuned cyborg beings willing to do anything for their master Chris Butler, programmed to perfection.
We realize the scenario is not dissimilar to that of the TERMINATOR movie series, and we are the resistance.
A small band of rogue underground humans, the last few who salvaged their souls and opted out of the exoskeleton installation required by Chris Butler.
We are lead by the one and only John Connor, the archetypal figure of resistance, the spirit of freedom and truth.
Chris Butler and his newest model, the T-HARSH
John Connor says:
“Rama’s post about possible attacks raised a concern. He’s correct  that these brainwashed followers might feel they need to protect their old guru using violence or other actions. Rama should make another post warning that any attacks against him or any other contributors to the Cult Education Forum will be met with a severe push back that will cause Butler and Wai Lana to heap blame on all their stupid followers. If Rama (or anyone else) ever feel even the least bit threatened, the plan is to immediately send the authorities to Lanikai to bring Butler and Wai Lana in for questioning. Can you imagine paranoid Chris Butler’s reaction to being questioned in a tiny locked room?”
That questioning in a secure government office with none of his bodyguards allowed. no foil walls. no air filtration.
You’ll inform the authorities that the only way to guarantee your personal safety is to go directly to the top of this organization and put an immediate stop to the threats.

And, if you ever become the target of any legal action, you will
slap the two leaders personally with legal action. A process server or sheriff sent to their homes demanding access to the old fraud and his no-talent wife, Wai Lana.
They will be subjected to video deposition. no face mask. under oath. under the threat of perjury. Exposed in a public court of law.

Any follower of Butler can easily understand that this push back would frighten and enrage their spiritual leaders. If they truly wish to “protect” them, then don’t go down the road of threats and legal action. Expect this push back from anyone speaking out about the cult of Chris Butler.”
Love, Edward Furlong-John Connor
John Connor: No, no, no, no. You gotta listen to the way people talk. You don’t say “affirmative,” or some shit like that. You say “no problemo.” And if someone comes at you with an attitude you say “eat me.” And if you want to shine them on it’s “hasta la vista, baby.” 
The Terminator: Hasta la vista, baby. 
John Connor: Yeah but later, dickwad. And if someone gets upset you say, “chill out”! Or you can do combinations. 
The Terminator: Chill out, dickwad. 
John Connor: Great! See, you’re getting it! 
The Terminator: No problemo