Back in 1997, I was a 17 year old kid, driving around with my happy family in New Zealand, our first trip home since leaving a few years earlier.

My little brother Laks, only 15 at that time had already been removed from my family to be raised and brainwashed to serve cult leader Chris Butler by non family cult members, in true ISKCON Gurukula fashion.

Despite that, I remember being in the back seat, driving through the densely beautiful forests of the Coromandel Peninsula making our way to our home town of Whangamata, New Zealand.

My Father driving, my mother riding shotgun I was in the back seat blasting loud punk rock into my ears. Being raised by fanatical Hare Krishna cult members, constantly being implanted with the fanatical mindset and the program to obediently surrender my life, mind and will to that of Chris Butler “Siddhaswarupananda”.

This programming was rapidly being obliterated by the messages embedded in Fletcher Dragge’s frantic riffs, belted out by Jim Lindberg this message hit hard and I never ever forgot.


“Waste Of Time”

I’ve got a question for all you sinners
Have you ever wondered is this all there is to life?
A quick adventure not much to mention
A slow procession leading us to die
Or is there a heaven a distant valley
A golden meadow waiting for us in the sky
No one right answer spirit seems broken
Still I just can’t help but wonder why
Seems like a tragic waste of time
Who cares what happens when you die?
Life’s too short to wonder why
Get on with your life
In towering churches and holy temples
They all conspired to tell me how to live my life
But no religion or new theism
Could ever provide proof to quench my mind
And now I wonder who’s sky I’m under
Is there a heaven waiting for me when I die
No one right answer spirit seems broken
And still I can’t help but wonder why
So many questions I can’t tell the difference
Too many abstract thoughts now wrestle in my mind
But through the darkness somewhere should be waiting
A final truth to shower me with light
Their pearls of wisdom and tales of glory
They fed me nicely until I found it was all a lie
No one right answer spirit seems broken
And still I just can’t help but wonder why