Chris Butler Displays Homosexual Proclivities

This Chris Butler lecture linked below is a classic type of “members only” Chris Butler lecture. I was raised listening to these lectures, they are 100% Thought reform and conditioning, Chris Butler runs a cult of totally mind-controlled and deluded followers.

At 4:00 minutes Chris begins the pornography discussion. Chris Butler constantly spoke in graphic detail about pornography and homosexual sex acts, deriding them. But he was clearly obsessed with them and the fact we were all meant to strive for celibacy and not indulge in sexual intercourse for pleasure, Chris Butler created a dynamic of sexualizing himself to his followers subconsciously. We all adored him and hung off his every word, and we all lived for the moments in his lectures when he would be funny, mean, hateful, vulgar, homophobic  or talk in graphic sexual ways. Always discussing these aspects of his talks the most, it gave us all the biggest rush, basically satisfying our most base urges while being engulfed in this mind controlled existence. I speak about it in the past tense because I got myself out of all this crap 20 years ago, but it is all going stronger than ever as we seem to near some inevitable conclusion to the Cult of Chris Butler.

You will notice Chris Butler say “people worship the form of the opposite sex, or the same sex, if they have gone even further into their own perversions.” This is classic homophobic Chris Butler, he just mentions it once here but it is constantly reinforced that homosexuality is the lowest of the low and a sign that the person is the most twisted up and demonic type of person. Disgusting shit taught to the youngest kids.

The youngest kids are exposed to all this graphic sexual discussion, there is no age restriction on any of Chris Butlers vulgar pornographic descriptions of straight and gay sex nor his hateful and vulgar verbal abuse of “faggots”. The followers revel in Chris Butler saying faggot and listing every other homophobic slur he can think of. These lectures are shown to all the children without regard for their young age. I witnessed exactly this at the house of Devaki and Rupa Gibbons when I visited in 2005. I believe they wanted me to join the chant but I never did. It was their daily morning “program” (as referred to within the cult) and lasted about an hour if not more. I stayed the fuck away, did some stretches (real yoga) and blasted “At The Gates” then went skateboarding.

They began their daily “program” with a long kirtan, chanting the prayers, worshipping Krishna and pictures of Chris Butler with multiple prayers written to include “siddhaswarupananda” as the object of praise and worship. This is of course Chris Butler. After plowing through all the prayers they made their young kids sit down and watch a video of Chris on the beach doing his most long winded hateful and vulgar homophobic speech, spending most of the time amusing his cult with his profane homophobic slurs.

The children of Rupa and Devaki Gibbons were all made to watch that, and they had two or three young girls and a young son who was the oldest at about 10 or so. The girls were maybe 3, 5 and 8 roughly. They were all made to sit and watch this entire video. It reminded me of being subjected to the exact same bullshit through my youngest memories and that inspired my to begin posting in 2006 on the Cult Institute forum.

Count the number of times Chris says “genitals”. Chris discusses pornography and when bringing up examples of “porno” he says “Playgirl” before he says playboy, and then he says “Muscle men magazines” before thinking then saying “pretty woman magazines.” I suggest Chris Butler is day dreaming first of his own collection presumably Playgirl and Muscle Man Magazine, having to rack his brain for the heterosexual equivalent of each of his favorites.

Chris, buddy, It’s okay just admit it if you like guys. I think he might as he loves his young male disciples.

Girls are forbidden from dressing sexy, forbidden from showing much skin, definitely no bikinis allowed. A fellow “cult kid” ex-member friend of mine born and raised to serve Chris Butler says there is a simple test to see if girls are “IN’ or “OUT” of the Butler cult:

Scan their Facebook photos to see if they post pictures of themselves wearing bikinis. Bikini = OUT OF THE CULT!!!

Current hot trends amongst SOI females in New Zealand!

An anonymous cult cutie sports a knee-high combat pant available at various mercenary outfitters, intimidating black top, the current style from Hanes Men’s T’s since WWII. Sunglasses by Black Flys. Anonymously intriguing with the bland and identity dissolving logo free tan cap, available absolutely everywhere. As seen in the Prana+ youtube video.

Prana+ cult front business founded by Kimberely Gabbard, sister of Tulsi Gabbard presents a youtube promo featuring the yuppie stylings of convicted drug smuggler and loyal cult member since the beginning, Patrick Bowler, presented by his scary wife

Patrick Bowler at 0:45 “Anonymous Cult Cutie” at 1:45.

Cult fashions are extra edgy this season with the Twizel temptresses of Lake Pukaki. Yes, that’s a conga line past farm animals. Welcome to New Zealand.

Get a load of these Glitzy Gals, my mother Robyn Ranson on the left and her sister Jackie “Kunti” Foster (her Krishna name best said in a thick Irish accent) along with some super open-minded cult sisters sporting this summer’s most stylin’ Schlub Wear®, available at most hardware stores, farming suppliers and gas stations.

as featured in the music video of co cult leader Wai Lana Butler “Namaste”.

Yet his young male followers are encouraged to be shirtless and muscular. I have heard reports that Chris Butler condoned steroid use and Swarup Tibby, son of Allan Tibby has been reported to help facilitate the acquisition of these steroids and promote the usage to other young male followers, condoned as Chris Butler’s will.

My childhood friend Prahlad “Pooch” Webb possibly on a saucy blend of steroids and photoshop, found as is on his partner’s Instagram. Prahlad, as a muscular male under the control of Chris Butler is happy to flaunt his goods for his master. Prahlad is afforded a level of  “sexyness” not afforded to the many “talented” females in the group.  See photo of Prahlad before the juice below, shirtless again, strangely enough.

Swarup Tibby, I might add, is literally named after Chris Butler. as in siddhaSWARUPa. Swarup Tibby joins the elite club of poor bastards literally named after Chris Butler. Sai Hansen, also of Blue Water Productions is actually named after Chris when he was Sai Young, which apparently was in honor of Chris’ favorite baseball player Cy Young! I bet Sai Hansen doesn’t know all that.

The saddest of all is Wai Lana’s son, son of Richard Bellord who Flash called “Wai Lana’s cuckold husband” who let his own son become Chris Butler’s bogus son, named Siddha Bellord, a testament to his strange “cuckold” family history. Harsh!

Siddha Bellord, another male enjoying a pass indulging in vanity not afforded the females within the cult of Chris Butler in the “Karma Kula” series:

Karma Kula “God Wants You Dead” according to Chris Butler. Why the fuck am I still kicking, then?

Siddha Bellord and many, many other males within the cult are afforded a far greater level of vanity and displaying their bodies. Is this so Chris is spared the sight of the female form? Chris Butler makes sure his wife Wai Lana is dressed in baggy full length jump suits on all her TV shows, especially the old ones.

Speaking of Harsh, that brings me on to another saucy shirtless little young piece of eye candy for Chris Butler.

Harsha “Harry” Brennan on the right and Prahlad Webb next to him could not wait to pop their shirts off showing off their fresh Chris Butler Cult prison tattoos during the fabled “movie production” by cult front Ti Leaf productions in the mid nineties abusing immigration laws to flood the town of Twizel, NZ with the mandatory army of knuckleheads required to guard, feed, bathe, worship, serve and receive beratings from the paranoid hypochondriac and megalomaniacal cult leader Chris Butler. You know Chris Butler had an extra long look at this one.

Harsha “Harry” Brennan of Blue River Productions, the cult front video production company who shoot everything for Wai Lana Yoga, U.S. Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard, obviously a life long follower of Chris Butler herself.

Tulsi Gabbard is married to Abe Williams, pictured below standing next to Harsha Brennan, both work at Blue River Productions. This cult is so tight-knit everybody is interconnected so closely.

Tulsi Gabbards husband Abe Williams left, Harsha Brennan center behind woman in red suit picture of Blue River Productions from their website. Harsha has been one of Chris Butler’s most devoted followers since at least his early teens when I met him, then becoming, along with my brother one of the four main young guys always in Chris Butler’s vicinity in Kailua, Hawaii. twitter @BlueRiverPro

Here are Tulsi Gabbard’s parents Carol and Mike Gabbard in the 80’s loving Chris Butler and his ridicule of Christians. The Gabbard’s maintain that they are and always have been Christians.

Cult member kids are raised under this repressed and twisted sexuality, literally segregated from the opposite sex our entire lives until marriage if the rules are followed strictly enough.
There is also pervasive homophobic teachings and mentality constantly displayed by kids who are raised in the group. This repressive sexuality, hard-core rampant and mandatory homophobia alongside the double standard allowing men the role of the sexualized, albeit subtly and subconsciously adds to the overwhelming pressure of cognitive dissonance.

The largest source of homoeroticism for males within the cult is the fact you must strive for celibacy while literally developing your affection for and love of Chris Butler.  It’s like some prescribed celibate mandatory male on male romance, supposed to effortlessly sustain you for a lifetime.

The amount of cognitive dissonance required to remain in this group is so extreme it is both the success of the loyalty of the followers and also the multitudes of mental and emotional issues plaguing the members born, raised and suffocated by this group. Hostages of Chris Butler and the Science Of Identity Foundation.



I got a message from Flash of Flashlight On Roaches, the 100% Chris Butler focused blog about a post they made on this subject in 2012.

Speaking of paranoia and outing, Chris Butler is described on this message board in very strong terms suggesting serious mental illness such as paranoid, schizoid, and delusional. Butler’s own Doctor called him a sociopath. As I recall from Freudian psychology, mental illness can be caused by repressed sexual urges. Is it possible or even likely that homophobic Chris Butler is in fact a repressed homosexual?

Read this short abstract of a scientific study proving a link between homophobia and homosexual arousal: “The authors investigated the role of homosexual arousal in exclusively heterosexual men who admitted negative affect toward homosexual individuals. Participants consisted of a group of homophobic men (n = 35) and a group of non-homophobic men (n = 29); they were assigned to groups on the basis of their scores on the Index of Homophobia (W. W. Hudson & W. A. Ricketts, 1980). The men were exposed to sexually explicit erotic stimuli consisting of heterosexual, male homosexual, and lesbian videotapes, and changes in penile circumference were monitored. They also completed an Aggression Questionnaire (A. H. Buss & M. Perry, 1992). Both groups exhibited increases in penile circumference to the heterosexual and female homosexual videos. Only the homophobic men showed an increase in penile erection to male homosexual stimuli. The groups did not differ in aggression. Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

Study of Homophobia,4453,109922#msg-109922

Chris! Bro, next time you are flipping through a “Muscle Man Magazine”, you know, just for ideas and stuff of course, just double-check your circumference, bro, make sure there is no measurable increase. That’s all we are saying. Scientific.