Chris Butler Cult Banned Videos

I found these in an old hard drive, I stored them in 2007.

Most is from public lectures, but these are much more true to his inner teachings than what is on their official youtube channel. These videos are the lectures and programming all of us Science of Identity Foundation Cult kids were constantly exposed to, forced to watch this insanity 30 minutes at a time or longer and at least once a day. More if you are a “Serious Devotee”. This stuff is beyond disgraceful and completely vapid and ignorant.

Chris Butler relies on slapstick comedy routines or voice tone manipulation. By voice tone manipulation I mean he will be saying the most basic, idiotic thing and slow his delivery to a snails pace, all the while inflecting his voice with manipulative tones of disgust, disapproval, “intelligence”, piousness and affection. Swaying by emotion and inference, not by logic and reason. Certainly not by way of cutting edge fully understood information

Chris Butler:

This first particular lecture was NEVER public, unlike all the video ones. He speaks about a woman asking him if she can stop working for him for free so she can try to treat her Bulimia. He berates and pokes fun of her and instructs his followers not to attempt to cure “bogus” diseases like Bulimia and other real disorders that surely plaque his membership.

This next lecture would also be not for public.

These are all more public video lectures, but these have long since been yanked from the public domain. Most of the uploads to their current youtube page

are far more sanitized than all of these.



brain damage: You would have to be sniffing powder to wear a suit like that. Yes, that huge thing behind him is his royal throne, or Vyasa Sana. The damn thing matches his 80’s cokehead suit.

Butler-Gabbard: This prominently shows Mike and Carroll gabbard laughing uncontrollably as Chris Butler shits all over Christian philosophy. The Gabbards maintained they have always been christians.


caitanya: shows wai lana yoga vid with cult mind control voice over from Butler




garuda: (footage of Garuda Das australian musician devotee, I believe)

hc1: Brilliant video illustrating Chris Butler posing as the ubér Christian and then attacking Christians

japawalk: WARNING! Wai Lana with NO Auto Tune!









strangequotes: He really does seem like he is on Cocaine, and then I saw this. go to 1:56 “…this just keeps you further in the illusion that you are God, when you’re not. ‘kay… So it’s not the drug Cocaine that we’re saying is bad, and you shouldn’t be into, we’re saying that, too…”


Rick Reed:

Chris Butler’s first puppet politician. Hawaii based like the rest.



Wai Lana:

Wai Lana random clips:







Ninjai is/was an ultra violent anime produced 100% created by Chris Butler and unpaid or severely underpaid talented devotee kids. Look up the Ninjai gang, I noticed Rama Doyle was involved, I attended the Baguio boys school with him.

This is also the project I was asked to participate in when I was about 18 and I told my mother no, I did not want my drawing to be used for their purposes.

This was reported back to Chris Butler and I subsequently received no more help from my parents in receiving any education whatsoever.

Before this happened my Dad Allan Ranson was very excited to send me to school for animation. He sent me to an unacredited side course on animation at Maui Community College and I produced a great animation consisting of hundreds of hand drawn acetate slides and shot on a pre digital animation set up.

So once I turned down Ninjai, I was on my own. Never been to school since then, maybe 1997.

Ninjai is obviously an extremely hardcore cult programming tool. I could only imagine how many times every single kid in the cult has watched the Ninjai movies. I had left by the time they came out.





Karma Kula

Karma Kula followed Ninjai. 100% Butler cult produced. Live action starring Wai Lana’s son, Chris Butler’s step son Siddha Bellord, named after Chris Butler… puke.