Current hot trends amongst SOI females in New Zealand!

Girls in the Chris Butler cult are forbidden from dressing sexy, forbidden from showing much skin, definitely no bikinis allowed. A fellow “cult kid” ex-member friend of mine born and raised to serve Chris Butler says there is a simple test to see if girls are “IN’ or “OUT” of the Butler cult:

Scan their Facebook photos to see if they post pictures of themselves wearing bikinis.

Bikini = OUT OF THE CULT!!!

Current hot trends amongst SOI females in New Zealand!

An anonymous cult cutie sports a knee-high combat pant available at various mercenary outfitters, intimidating black top, the current style from Hanes Men’s T’s since WWII. Sunglasses by Black Flys. Anonymously intriguing with the bland and identity dissolving logo free tan cap, available absolutely everywhere. As seen in the Prana+ youtube video.

Prana+ cult front business founded by Kimberely Gabbard, sister of Tulsi Gabbard presents a youtube promo featuring the yuppie stylings of convicted drug smuggler and loyal cult member since the beginning, Patrick Bowler, presented by his scary wife

Patrick Bowler at 0:45 “Anonymous Cult Cutie” at 1:45.

Cult fashions are extra edgy this season with the Twizel temptresses of Lake Pukaki. Yes, that’s a conga line past farm animals. Welcome to New Zealand.

as seen in the cult leader’s wife (co cult leader) Wai Lana – Namaste video.

Get a load of these Glitzy Gals, my mother Robyn Ranson on the left and her sister Jackie “Kunti” Foster (her Krishna name best said in a thick Irish accent) along with some super open-minded cult sisters sporting this summer’s most stylin’ Schlub Wear®, available at most hardware stores, farming suppliers and gas stations.

Now compare to the assortment of male strippers that populate Chris Butlers cult ranks.

My childhood friend Prahlad “Pooch” Webb possibly on a saucy blend of steroids and photoshop, found as is on his partner’s Instagram. Prahlad, as a muscular male under the control of Chris Butler is happy to flaunt his goods for his master. Prahlad is afforded a level of “sexyness” not afforded to the many “talented” females in the group. See photo of Prahlad before the juice below, shirtless again, strangely enough

Harsha “Harry” Brennan on the right and Prahlad Webb next to him could not wait to pop their shirts off showing off their fresh Chris Butler Cult prison tattoos during the fabled “movie production” by cult front Ti Leaf productions in the mid nineties abusing immigration laws to flood the town of Twizel, NZ with the mandatory army of knuckleheads required to guard, feed, bathe, worship, serve and receive beratings from the paranoid hypochondriac and megalomaniacal cult leader Chris Butler. You know Chris Butler had an extra long look at this one.

I rest my case.

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