Tulsi Gabbard, Cult Born And Raised.

I was born and raised in a Hare Krishna cult that worships local Kailua, Hawaii man Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa. Tulsi’s parents have worshipped this man since before any of the kids were born and Mike Gabbard’s “Christianity” is a sham. See Mike and Carol Gabbard hysterically laughing at and mocking Christian belief with their cult leader:
The only “Hinduism” Tulsi or anyone in her or my family has ever been involved in is Chris Butler Cult “Hinduism” which is a disgrace and an abomination to real Hinduism which the cult feels seperate from and superior to.
Tulsi’s husband is a cult member, he works for Blue River Productions from Kailua which produces all the video for Tulsi and also cult leaders wife Wai Lana Butler of Wai Lana Yoga.

Tulsi’s husband Abraham Williams can be seen in the credits of co-cult leader Wai Lana’s PBS shows, I have seen his name listed on the newest show they released a month or two ago, a Wai Lana pledge. PBS raising funds for an already wealthy cult leader and his wife.

Tulsi Gabbard is completely surrounded by known cult members like her inexperienced chief of staff to the high ranking Sunil Khemaney. Tulsi Gabbard/Wai Lana Yoga/Blue River Productions/Oahu Surf Shots/Down To Earth Natural Foods are all extensions of the Butler cult. All are staffed by fanatical members who are all working for very little if anything at all. it is all “devotional service” and each of these are so interconnected with all the others it further demonstrates that Tulsi Gabbard is currently under extremely heavy undue influence of Chris Butler.

Since her first breaths in the world, Tulsi has been fed into the worship of Chris Butler the drug trafficking and extremely homophobic cult leader. Few of these cult children ever have a chance to get outside the undue influence of the thought reform and spiritual abuse inherent in serving Butler’s megalomania.

This video shows a little of the “Hinduism” within Tulsi’s cult. Serving Chris Butler is the only direct route to God.
It is well understood within the cult that Chris Butler is the only “bona fide spiritual master” living on earth currently. All other Hare Krishna gurus are forbidden and our parents programmed us with this line:
“How can I find a pure devotee to follow if I had to?”
“He (Chris Butler) is here now. You don’t need to follow anybody else. He is here for us, just follow him!”
I know that people who leave the group and choose to follow a less insane and non cultic Guru are also excommunicated like myself. It is out of control, 100% cult behavior.
In this video Tulsi claims Chris Butler “Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa” her guru at 3:45
This is a lecture for members only by Tulsi’s cult leader, it is absolutely disgusting : www.soundcloud.com/chrisbutlercult/chastisement
I was born and raised to worship Chris Butler. I was made to bow onto the floor in his presence just like the young children in this video (note each child bows in full prostration to Chris Butler upon receiving a flower garland from him)
I was excommunicated on orders of Chris Butler for the past ten years with zero contact with my mother, father and little brother. My little brother Laksmana Sudama Peter Ranson lives in Kailua, is Butler’s number 1 servant and owns the surf photo company “Oahu Surf Shots”. My brother takes all of Tulsi’s surfing photos and videos, you will see his company credited for her surfing pictures.
Chris Butler ordered that I be blocked from attending my own fathers funeral in 2008. My mother did block me from attending and also would not even speak to me on the phone after my father died because I offended her God Chris Butler. She is Robyn Ranson.
I only want to expose this cult for what it is. To me it is a disgrace to call it Hinduism as I was never taught about Hinduism being raised in this cult. I was never educated at all being raised in this mind control cult.
I will share one final video from Tulsi herself displaying the absolute mind controlled creepy cult mentality she was raised under as a Hare Krishna under not an Indian but an uneducated Haole from Kailua named Chris.
Feel free to contact me for any info.
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