Gopal “Bubbles” Harvey of the Kauai Bhakti Yoga Shack

Remembering the good times…

Gopal Harvey was born and raised serving and worshipping the cult leader Chris Butler, like myself.

Gopal also attended the Baguio City  boys boarding school in the Philippines like myself (one week) and my brother Laksmana Ranson (age 12 to infinity…) among many others.

Gopal Harvey now runs the Kauai, Hawaii based Bhakti Yoga Shack with his wife and fellow cult kid Radha Harvey (Doyle) sister of Rama Doyle who was one of the cult raised kids I met at that Baguio boarding school.

This couple is what I would call either an arranged or at least approved marriage within the cult run by Chris Butler a.k.a. “Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa”.

The Bhakti Yoga Shack is a secretive recruitment arm for the cult of Chris Butler Siddhaswarupa Ananda Goswami as was his original ISKCON title given by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami the founder of that other extremely destructive cult known as the “Hare Krishna’s”.

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I left Gopal “Bubbles” Harvey a comment that would otherwise never see the light of day, enjoy.



Gopal regurgitates Chris Butler rhetoric and tries to appeal to his Master’s vicarious surfing fetish, hoping to earn a few spiritual brownie points from “Srila Prabhupada” Chris Butler.

I named Gopal “Bubbles” after the character from the “Powerpuff Girls” cartoon series. No clue why, but we ran with it.


Bubbles is the blue one. Hilarious show.

So beware of these cult posers at Bhakti Yoga shack.

If you attend Bhakti Yoga Shack, DO NOT worship Chris Butler, DO NOT vote for Tulsi Gabbard, DO NOT endorse or support Wai Lana Yoga, beware of their “Prasadam”, it may contain the “maha” toenails of Chris Butler, if you are so fortunate. Just check the spelling on the “toefu” is all I’m sayin.

PRASADAM = they offered it to Krishna

MAHA = it is literally Chris Butler’s leftovers or even toenails or footbath water. These freaks believe it is holy, ingest it and feed it to their kids.

Bhakti Yoga Shack is a CULT FRONT for Chris Butler. Hare Krishna is largely mind control crap anyways, always funneling your “selfless service” or “Bhakti” to some controlling cult leader claiming to be “As Good As God”, just find a Kirtan free Yoga studio.

Bhakti = serve a cult leader for free, give them your money and breed brainwashed children for said cult leader. No thanks, what happened to all the sexy yoga pants, anyway? These chicks only rock Cult Sweats®.