The Bhakti Yoga Shack of Kauai is a front for a cult of brainwashed since birth mind control victims.

This may sound a little far fetched, but unfortunately for Radha Doyle Harvey, it’s all too true.

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This screen shot is her current Facebook profile.

Her cover photo shows a Kirtan at Bhakti Yoga Shack being led by Allan “Acharya Das” Tibby, currently the only other person to appear on the official Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa cult Science Of Identity Foundation youtube channel. (Besides Chris Butler himself.)

Allan Acharya Tibby ran the Chris Butler Boys boarding school in Baguio City, Philippines.

Gopal Harvey, co owner of Bhakti Yoga Shack and husband of Radha Harvey mentioned as being in attendance at the cult boarding school:

“As the boys in the temple room settle into a steady murmur of chanting. I hear a chuckling. Gopal Harvey or one of the younger guys must have dropped off into sleep. We’ve all done it. Sure, a cold bucket shower might jolt you to performance, but rhythmic chanting and the body heat generated by a room full of 30 boys easily  lulls you back to dreams.”

I did one week of this school, most these guys did years and years.

Read more on Ian’s amazing blog.

(Ian’s blog keeps getting shut down, but read the archived version at )

Gopal Harvey pictured at the Baguio boarding school:

This alone is huge evidence that the Anahola, Hawaii based Bhakti Yoga Shack is a front and secretive recruitment arm for the cult of Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda, sometimes known as The Science Of Identity Foundation, but generally obscured and rarely mentioned openly by the members.


Radha and Gopal Harvey do admit to being followers of Chris Butler:

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Yoga wisdom workshop

Radha dasi and Gopal das are long time students of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa who is a world renowned yoga master coming in a long line of spiritual teachers dating back over 500 years.

Everybody in the cult worships Chris Butler as the only man on earth with a direct connection to God. They in turn believe that the most direct way to please God (Krishna) is to directly worship, serve, adore, believe, surrender money and property to and just generally obey and even ingest the waste of this insane cult leader.

Chris Butler distributes his leftover food, used items, footbath water, toe nail clippings and god knows what else as “Maha”, meaning it is the holiest substance on earth and will bring you great enlightenment. I have witnessed Butler disciples in Australia show me a small bottle of Chris’ foot bath water that they added to their food and fed to their children.

This is called “Maha Water” and Chris Butler is called “Srila Prabhupada”, a blasphemous title he stole from his guru A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami as soon as he passed away, essentially saying “I am now the holiest man on Earth, all others are imposters, worship only me.”

Very few other Krishna gurus attempt to take the Srila Prabhupada title. Absolutely none dared do it before Bhaktivedanta’s body was even cold, but Chris Butler did. A true megalomaniac cult leader. A true fraud even by Hare Krishna standards.

Radha Harvey was the poor brainwashed child that wrote the letter Eigener Herr reads in this video at 20:00.

Radha Doyle Harvey’s letter is read at 20 minutes.

Radhe Doyle at that time, wrote that she followed Chris Butler’s tracks on the beach, scooping up the sand his feet had touched and ate two spoonfuls which “tasted cool” and saved a bottle full of Chris Butler foot sand to eat or use later.


Radha Doyle Harvey childhood cult letters to “Eigener Herr”

Radha Harvey… do you still have Maha sand, and does it still “taste cool?”

Would you allow your children to eat the various “Maha” waste products of Chris Butler?

Another point of concern can be seen in this video Radha Harvey posted on the Bhakti Yoga Shack:

remixed for your convenience

Radha Harvey states that the “Mantra Meditation” and “Kirtan” prescribed by Chris Butler just “switches off the mind.” Members of the cult are disempowered on multiple levels by Chris Butler’s teachings and are told never to think for themselves, to detach from the mind and to not “speculate”. No mental speculation means just listen to Chris Butler for all direction, he postures as being somehow all knowledgable and infallible despite 40 years of multiple bogus and long since expired apocalyptic scenarios like Y2K in the late 90’s and Nuclear Holocaust during the 80’s.

Chris Butler must have read the Cult handbook and understood the useful control mechanism known as Millenialism

“…Predictions of the end times are regularly proved wrong each time the end fails to happen. Despite this, millennialist beliefs persist due to the tremendous spiritual rewards offered to followers and disastrous punishments threatened for unbelievers.[3]

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the ginger one is his.