Illegal Drug Money funded Cult Boys School

Patrick Bowler, AKA Paramahamsa Das the convicted large scale international drug trafficker is cited as having donated “Cash” to the Baguio Cult Boarding School for boys. This school was exclusively for the indoctrination of children within the Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda cult.

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“We would also like to thank our other donors: Paramahamsa Das Bowler for cash donations.”

Krishna Japa Das AKA Joseph Bismark is one of cult leader Chris Butler’s main “money handlers” (money launderers?)

Joseph Bismark purchased Chris Butler’s Lanikai mansion. My mother Robyn Ranson purchased Chris Butler’s lake Pukaki property on his behalf. She purchased it with money that was not hers, to buy it on behalf of her guru Chris. What on earth is this, if not money laundering?

Patrick Bowler’s Sons Attended The School

I attended the Baguio boys school in 1994, only for one week. I saw Bowler’s son Jiva Muncie while I was there, and was asking where the other son Kris Clements was. Both boys are pictured at the school in Ian Koviak’s blog.

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Patrick Bowler’s two sons work in the company founded by their father (who removed himself from their site when the drug trafficker articles came out.)

Mainstream NZ articles connecting Bowler to the cult of Chris Butler:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Kris and Jiva were born and raised within this cult, serving cult leader Chris Butler to this day.

Jiva Muncie:

Kris Clements:

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