Siddha Bellord, Prince of the Butler Cult

By Rama Ranson

Siddha Bellord AKA Richard Valentine Windham Bellord is the son of Wai Lana Butler and is treated as Chris Butler’s royal and holy son.

Siddha Bellord is the action star of the Chris Butler cult, and in the Karma Kula series produced entirely by the cult, Siddha Bellord is portrayed as a holy warrior dishing out  gruesome death and dismemberment to those who have offended God.

Watch Siddha in action:

Siddha Bellord is named after Siddhaswarupananda, Chris Butler’s Hare Krishna name.

Like “father”, like “son”. Siddha Bellord trains for filming in Chris Butler’s signature surgical mask and “Cult Sweats” sweat pants. Siddha Bellord must share Chris Butler’s insane hypochondriac tendencies as he does not want any of the germs of the low level humans he trains with.

I first met Siddha Bellord while living in Sedona, Arizona in 1987-1988 while my family served Chris Butler who lived there at the time. We were flown there and supported by international drug trafficker and loyal Chris Butler disciple Patrick “Paramahamsa Das” Bowler who paid for our flights there and supported us by depositing money into my father’s account for us to live on while serving Chris Butler. My parents were beyond full time vegetarian chefs for Chris Butler, Wai Lana, Siddha Bellord and the sisters. They were worked to the bone along with many others in a huge industrial sized kitchen located in a warehouse about 15 to 20 minutes away from the remote mansion they lived in.

I understand Butler has similar remote locations in Kailua dedicated to cooking his food and doing his laundry, staffed around the clock by teams of unpaid servants and undoubtedly also for Wai Lana if not Siddha Bellord and his two sisters. The Kailua cult royal family.

Our parents were worked to the bone and also publicly shamed within the group by being berated on lecture tapes of Chris Butler and sent around the world to his followers. It is a disgusting practice that Chris Butler uses to humiliate the members in front of all the others. This type of abuse is one of the dirty secrets of life within the cult. It reinforces Butler’s authority and domination over the members, allows all members to know the most humiliating moments of other’s lives and normalizes intolerance and abuse within the group.

Below Patrick Bowler, Chris Butler’s drug trafficking funder and his “Villa Rental Company” Bowler removed his image and name from the linked page when his articles came out, but he would still run this company, staffed with loyal cult members, many I have known since childhood.


Patrick Bowler Drug Trafficking Chris Butler Disciple, rewarded for his loyalty to Chris Butler by not implicating his involvement, despite informing on 200 others to get a reduced sentence of 10 years.

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Wai Lana was only known as Vaishnava Dasi back then. I was taught who she was before I met her as a young kid, as she would appear on chanting tapes with Chris Butler. Her vocal performances were absolutely wretched, and when I asked “what’s wrong with her?” my mum told me she had a problem with her throat and that she was a Pure Devotee of Krishna, one of the very few alive along with Chris Butler.

We were trained to think of ourselves as fallen and imperfect, whereas Chris Butler and his Yoko Ono-esque bride and her children were the only individuals known to be Pure Devotees, the only ones who would be assured salvation into Krishna’s holy realm upon death. No matter how sincere our own efforts, we believed we still may not attain salvation unless literally hearing or uttering the names of Krishna when we were dying.

Chris Butler and Wai “Yoko Ono” Lana and her children were thought to already be saved, instantly returning to “Godhead” or Heaven. They were thought to all be in direct contact with God himself moment to moment, in a way we could all only dream of attaining. They were put onto an entirely superior and unattainable spiritual level than ourselves.

I guarantee nothing has changed in 30 years, the same people and their poor descendants still believe they are fallen impure devotees who may still be doomed to continue to reincarnate for any conceivable amount of time before perfecting their purity anywhere near the level they are told that Chris Butler, Wai Lana Butler, Siddha, Satya and Subadra Bellord have attained.

This is the elite family of the Chris Butler cult, and they all enjoy a lavish lifestyle in Kailua and Lanikai in multiple mansions. A lifestyle that costs Hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to maintain, despite the vast multitudes of servants being unpaid willing slaves who do whatever is asked and are bled dry of their own money.

I remember looking out my window at Hawkeye trailer park in Sedona, Arizona when I was 8 years old. This is where many of the Chris Butler servants lived.

It was in 1988 with my mother and we saw Siddha Bellord walking with his friends. My mother told me “you see Siddha there? That’s (Wai Lana) Vaishnava Dasi’s son, that means he’s a pure devotee of Krishna. Those boys are so lucky to be playing with him.” I was taught that just being in the presence of a “pure devotee” has a powerful spiritual effect on you. Even the children of the wife of Chris Butler became holy by proximity to Chris Butler.

We were taught to literally worship Chris Butler and Wai Lana when in their presence. We would be taken into their house and everybody except Chris Butler was made to wear surgical masks in his presence. We would lay on the floor and pray to them in worship when Wai Lana or Chris Butler entered or left the room.

That is my childhood, just some kid from New Zealand flown across the world to worship, adore and idolize a cult leader and his family.

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