Sai Hansen Serves Chris Butler

I received some word through mutual friends from the family of Sri Shim and want to share what they had to say.

They have confirmed that Sai Hansen was the driver of the boat.

They are also very unhappy with the negligence or cover up by the DLNR.



Many questions remain unanswered and we want to be sure that only one adult male and one young girl were the only two occupants seen on the boat. A witness from the Hawaii News Now video report named Gully Boy Wilson reported seeing the boat before and after the incident. There are calls to emergency services from the boat operator(s) and these recordings should be analyzed to match the voice of the caller with Sai Hansen and how many voices are heard in the background.

The occupants should both be questioned about the exact details. who was there, how did it happen,

One point I would make very clear is that Sai Hansen is 100% a Chris Butler servant. He lives in Kailua only to serve and work for Chris Butler. Sai Hansen and his entire family are deeply connected to the Chris Butler cult and Chris Butler, Sai Hansen’s employer and master should be held accountable for the damages to Sri Shim’s family. Even though “owned” by Sai Hansen, this boat is 100% purchased and maintained by the wealth of Chris Butler’s cult and not Sai Hansen. Analysis will show that Sai Hansen and the various other “owner’s” of Chris Butler’s big ticket items do not and never had the financial means to buy these items.


Harry is Sai’s brother, info on the family:

My earlier theories about Siddha Bellord possibly being the driver revolved around the idea that if this were intentional, Siddha Bellord could possibly have acted out of aggression in a moment spun out of control, but not premeditated. I thought it explained the scramble and cover up, trying to protect this ultra privileged guy from his own crime and the consequences.

But after hearing it was confirmed to be Sai Hansen, I realized that if this were a premeditated hit that it would have been ordered by Chris Butler and a loyal goon like Sai Hansen would have been selected to carry it out. Someone expendable who can take the punishment, if this were planned out Siddha Bellord would not have been risked.

This is written by one of my contacts:

The question is how many adults were in the red inflatable?

One, two.

Did Trey see them driving the boat before he was hit? Or only after they picked him up?

Was he conscious at the time?

Both Siddha and Sai have accents.

Siddha’s is british, (Sai’s is New Zealand, I believe.)

The EMS accounts elludes to more than one person in the boat.

Age of said young girl in boat?

Questions that come to my mind.

It really takes two guys to lift someone Trey’s size into a boat. Especially when they are semi-conscious

Looking at that boat it was described as having two big outboard engines on the back. Generally there is a platfrom to get up on to the boat from there.

But it requires the person in the water able to get up to it first.

Otherwise they have to drag them over the side of the boat. These boats are about 1 1/2 feet off the water. No easy task for one guy. Sai is only 5’6″ 140 lbs. He is a small guy.

10 mins to get him back to shore, and still talking to the EMS person as they would not have let him off the phone. He says he does’nt know what injuries are sustained? Wasn’t Trey bleeding profusely from an artery. ???

I showed this to a friend of mine who is well aware of the entire situation and a retired military veteran, they had this to say:

The side of a 24 foot rib is 3 to 4 feet off water

I operated in them all over world

Also you cannot inflict damage to two swimmers usually just running over them. You have to turn away from them to throw the props at them with intent

It’s hard to run over two guys at once.  Trust me I’ve recovered combat swimmers in high seas in ribs at night 100 times over

When you see surface swimmers you turn INTO them to throw the props away from them.

The killing radius of a spinning prop is small, two props still hard to get on top of someone by running them over

Now you turn away hard and you swing the props at them like giant sliding buzz saw.

I know boats, oceans and high risk operations.  That’s fucking murder what they pulled

Sai Hansen was born in 1974 when his parents followed Chris Butler under his first assumed guru title of Sai Young. This was before Chris Butler converted his group to a 100% Hare Krishna  group. Despite the fact that a substantial amount of these initial Sai Young followers are still in the group and are responsible for 1-2 more generations of Butler servants beneath them, the history of Chris Butler as Sai Young is never spoken of. I did not know that Chris Butler was first called Sai Young until I left the group and the following images were posted to the cult education forum:





The Chris Butler cult is extremely interconnected. Bill Penaroza is Kainoa Penaroza’s father, Tulsi Gabbard’s inexperienced cult loyal chief of staff.


Johnny Midgett is still an active preacher and recruiter for Chris Butler.

All these guys were featured in the 1970 story on Chris Butler, still loyal to this day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sai Hansen himself didn’t know the true origin of his name being from the drugged out tantric gay love hippie guru that Chris Butler, Sai Hansen’s own master, used to be. Chris Butler did of course go on to become a rabidly homophobic paranoid hypochondriac drug free celibate bro science fundamentalist vege fascist ultra right wing cult leader for the next 40 years to make up for his early transgressions of psychedelic voyaging and bi curious experimentations.

The true origin of the name Sai Young was the old baseball Hall Of Famer Cy Young, apparently Chris Butler’s favorite while a high school baseball player himself, according to Bart Dame. Know your history, cult members.


Cy Young

Within the Chris Butler cult, Sai Young never existed. But in some ironic, cosmic and karmic joke, the monicker that began the whole cultic nightmare is once again flashing across Hawaii headlines, signaling the impending inevitable implosion of this infamous Hare Krishna surf cult.




A message to Sai Hansen

Sai Hansen has been named as the driver of the boat who killed Sri Shim and severely injured Trey Albrecht. While Sai Hansen is indeed a member of the Chris Butler Siddhaswaupananda Hare Krishna cult, we believe that Sai Hansen may not actually be the real driver of the boat, and is complicit in an elaborate cover up possibly reaching deeply into the DLNR and Hawaii State Department.

Mike Gabbard is a loyal Chris Butler disciple and surely has an ability to influence a cover up in within the DLNR.

Mike Gabbard shot himself in the foot by thinking he could publicly claim ownership of his private letter. (See below that WordPress wrote to me: “…However, because we believe that this instance falls under fair use protections, we will not be removing it at this time. Section 107 of US copyright law identifies various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research…”

Mike Gabbard publicly claims that the private letter is genuine and is his personal property. Read his challenge and my victory below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 6.08.49 PM

Senator Mike Gabbard is Krishna Katha Das, and has been a loyal disciple and willing servant of Chris Butler since 1980 if not much earlier.

Mike and Carol Gabbard with their spiritual master of almost 40 years, Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda.

Tulsi Gabbard also admits Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda is her Gurudeva, or Spiritual master.

The investigation  conducted by the DLNR was an absolute farce and a disgrace as reported by local journalist and radio host Carroll Cox.

Both shows are focused on the death of Sri Shim and injury of Trey Albrecht.

This cover up or extremely shoddy “investigation” alone is enough to question anything coming from the DLNR and the Chris Butler cult.

We believe that this naming of Sai Hansen as the driver may possibly be a cover up by the DLNR and the associates of local Kailua cult leader Chris Butler.

We had been working with a theory that the boat operator was Siddha Bellord, the son of Wai Lana and son in law of Chris Butler, the leaders of this powerful international religious cult and wealthy criminal organization.

All the cult members like my Brother Laksmana Ranson, Sai Hansen, Harsha Brennan, or any other number of young male followers are expendable and if they were truly driving the boat, there would have been no cover up and the individual who was responsible would have been named within hours or days of the death.

This person would be ordered to take full responsibility and not implicate the cult or Chris Butler. But since we think the driver was the notoriously territorial and aggressive Siddha Bellord, who we think is the same man locals reported numerous run ins with in the same boat, as well of years of unchecked reckless speeding in the boat and even assaults on local surfers. We do not think this man Sai Hansen is known for this notorious long standing behavior and we think it is more likely Siddha Bellord, rumored to have fled to New Zealand with my brother days after the death and injury in Lanikai.

I reached out to Sai Hansen on Facebook hoping I am correct, hoping to get through to him.

My phrasing of “Cooperate if other law enforcement gets involved” should actually be telling Sai Hansen that if indeed he has been made to take the fall for the responsible party, he should immediately report this to authorities and seek protective custody if necessary.

Our families are all unwittingly tied up in this criminal organization believing it is totally benign yet deeply thought reformed and trapped within this cult of Chris Butler.






I sent this updated info to Sai Hansen on 2/7/16:

Dude it looks like you won’t get off on this, please see the new changes in the past few days.

The state is filing criminal charges against you, this could at least be manslaughter or criminal negligence now. If not first or second degree murder.

Did Siddha Bellord swim for shore as you took the rap?

Some new info:

Some weird press releases then retraction from DLNR

And we found this:

State vs. Sai:

Case ID: 1DCC-16-0001389 – State v. Sai E Hansen (Sai Edward Kenneth Hansen)
Type: CC – Criminal Citation
Status: ACTIVE – Active Case
Last Updated: 04-Feb-2016
ID: @954168 JUV: N
Party Status: Not Specified
Filing Date: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2016
Citation / Arrest: Alleged Speed: ~ / ~
HAR 13-244-15.5

Vio Dt: 01/09/2016

Vio Text: Operation of Power Driven Vessel No Lic
Citation/Arrest #: 069663LNR

Related Cases No related cases were found.
Case Event Schedule
Event Date Time Room Location Judge
Arraignment and Plea 02/16/2016 08:30:00 Kaneohe Criminal Courtroom A KANE`OHE DIVISION

Case Parties
Seq # Assoc Expn Date Type ID Name / Aliases
1 Plaintiff SOHCR1 State of Hawaii – Criminal First Circuit Prosecution
2 Defendant @954168 Hansen, Sai E
Hansen, SaiE K
Date Docket Party
02/04/2016 Notice of Electronic Filing
02/04/2016 Criminal Citation”

Local headlines naming Sai Hansen as the Boat Operator who killed Sri Shim and injured Trey Albrecht: