John Bishop – Kailua Cult Groupie


John Bishop, known as Jnana Das within the Chris Butler cult, is a Kailua resident who has loyally served cult leader Chris Butler for decades. John Bishop has fathered an ass load of poor brainwashed kids and now grandchildren into a life of servitude, worship and fawning groupie love for cult leader Chris Butler. John’s wife, designated pants-wearer Jeannie Bishop is the president of the Science Of Identity Foundation, making Jeannie Bishop the most official and one of the highest ranking cult members in the Chris Butler cult. Certainly the highest ranking member publicly acknowledged.


Jeannie Bishop, 80’s cult schlub (her style has not improved, by the way).

Jeannie Bishop, president of the Science Of Identity Foundation was quoted in a article last year saying:

In a statement, Jeannie Bishop, president of the Science of Identity Foundation, said: “As a branch of Vaishnava Hinduism, the Science of Identity Foundation recognizes the free will of every individual to follow the path of life they want to follow.

“Rama das Ranson has never been a member of the Foundation and we have respected his right not to follow the path of Vaishnava Hinduism].

“Patrick Bowler is not a member of the Foundation, but to our knowledge, is now sincerely trying to practice Vaishnava Hinduism, which includes using his life to help others.

“We are aware of certain allegations but do not wish to dignify them with a response other than to say you should be very critical of the motivation of people making many of these allegations.

“Chris Butler and the Foundation have worked to help many people get their lives back on track, including Patrick Bowler and will continue to do so.”

Wait, if I was never a member, why would they have needed to respect my right not to follow? Patrick Bowler (drug trafficker) is not a member, but Chris Butler has and will continue to “help” him? Way to go, you guys. Part 2 of the NZ article about Patrick Bowler, myself, Chris Butler and his cult. I will add that Patrick Bowler put money into my Dad’s First Interstate bank account in Sedona, Arizona every couple of weeks and was our only source of income. It was a pittance, but enough to support us as my parents cooked for Chris Butler full time. Patrick Bowler was likely paying all the multitudes of Chris Butler’s servants at that time with his drug money. I was told as a child in New Zealand that Patrick Bowler, “Paramahamsa Das” was a “big time businessman”, who makes lots of money for “Srila Prabhupada” Chris Butler. This was in Patrick Bowler’s drug trafficking heyday, all the cult parents were boasting to us kids in a veiled reference to his drug trafficking escapades.

I knew John, Jeannie and their children around the time of the above photo as we were all living in Sedona, Arizona in 1988 serving our master cult leader Chris Butler, financed by the international drug trafficker Patrick Bowler.

These two, John and Jeannie absolutely love their decrepit cult leader, paranoid schizophrenic and sociopathic homophobe Chris Butler “Siddhaswarupananda”.

I feel sorry for the poor children of these brainless Chris Butler worshippers, most of whom have wasted their entire lives serving Chris Butler and worshipping this megalomaniac. Most of these kids have been so deeply indoctrinated by their cultist parents that they have given birth to a third generation of slaves who will be made to love their lord and master Chris Butler, raised in a cult vacuum of home school, no critical thinking and no contact or associations with people outside the group, not even with other Hare Krishna groups.

A Three-way With Chris Butler: 

John and Jeannie Bishop are married, but their marriage is actually a three way relationship with Chris Butler. They are married together in a non sexual partnership. Not only are they not allowed to have sex for any reason besides procreation, their affection for each other is hijacked by Chris Butler. They are told that their relationship is a friendship and they are discouraged from being attracted to their partner and told that their affection needs to be directed towards Chris Butler and Krishna, the male and the female are meant to feel deep affection and love only for Chris Butler and Krishna. They are told that this is the only real and legitimate outlet for these romantic impulses and deepest attachments and allegiances. For God and Guru above your wife or husband and children. This is the case with every marriage arranged and/or approved within the cult.

The cult members all know this as they have all seen many people in the group cut off any partners, relatives and children that offend the group or leave. They know this is all ordered by Chris Butler and must be obeyed.

The above Three Way marriage I described will mean that if you leave the group, your spouse will take your children and disappear into the cult. Chris Butler has orchestrated many of these divorces which have successfully stolen children from the parents who leave his group. Many have never seen their children again. Most the kids are so indoctrinated and brainwashed they never contact the “outsider” parent.


John Bishop @jnanadas makes sure cult marriages stay on track by wishing the couple “a wonderful life of service”. Make no mistake, this means a lifetime of service to Chris Butler. Working for free, supporting Tulsi Gabbard, donating all your money, helping various money laundering scams and indoctrinating as many innocent children as possible into the mind control of Chris Butler cult servitude. This is all implied in John Bishop’s above statement.

marriage = friendshipJNANA.png

John Bishop @jnanadas reinforces the sanitized cult marriage of these two poor kids, both probably born into this madness. John Bishop says “Nice Friends!” (not lovers) “Two can play this game” (the three way cult marriage dedicated to Chris Butler above all else, two lives dedicated to the will of a corrupt cult leader) “value your friendship” again, reducing love to friendship within the cult, focusing all love on the object of worship, Chris Butler.

Across the globe in New Zealand, another Chris Butler Three Way marriage kicks off, complete with Chris Butler worship, a cult bozo priest named George Ormond, Patrick Bowler himself, and in over 120 photos not a single kiss, just this Rocky-esque victory gesture:


Another Chris Butler cult freakshow wedding. No kissing, crazy hand holding and dancing and attended by multitudes of cult members like the bald headed Arjuna Gibbons and my Father’s former boss, my family’s green card sponsor Tim Anthony, who just happens to be married to Tulsi’s husband Abe Williams’ mother. He looks like Bill Clinton, seen holding hands close to Mike and Carol Gabbard, Tulsi Gabbard’s parents. The Hired Hindu priest was one of the few non cult members at the wedding.


Arjuna Gibbons, Abraham Williams, Tulsi Gabbard and Visha Gibbons, all born and raised in the Chris Butler cult.


I recently had a back and forth with the male cult groupie John Bishop on Instagram, where he goes by @jnanadas. Despite acting like he could openly discuss his cult and defend it as though it were some legitimate religion, John Bishop of course blocked me and deleted all of our comments within an hour. Check it out, if you see John or Jeannie Bishop around Kailua ask them about Chris Butler and the role this man plays in their lives, their children’s lives and the lives of all those that have to live near these cultists.

Just like every other pathetic member of this cult, John Bishop must conceal his cult and never let a bad word be spoken or a criticism leveled at their living God Chris Butler.

Do me a favor and give this kook some shit on Instagram or if you spot him bumbling around Kailua. See how open he really is about his cult.









Note what John Bishop said about the Sri Shim death, what he acknowledged about Patrick Bowler’s funding of Chris Butler by denying none of it and acknowledging that I have a great memory.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.36.04 PM

Like all good cult members, John Bishop absolutely loves fellow cult member Tulsi Gabbard. You go girl!!! Really bro?