Plastic Surgery Disasters – Wai Lana Butler Cult Queen

The Cult Queen Wai Lana Butler, the wife of cult leader Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda has released a fresh can of cult spam onto the internet with her new auto tuned dogshit song and multiple videos entitled “Alive Forever”.

Wai Lana Butler is spitting some tired and watered down Hare Krishna rhetoric about the eternal soul living forever and not to identify with the temporary and fleeting “material body”.

So why is the Cult Queen Wai Lana Butler caked in clown makeup, seemingly beefed up with Botox and presumably had more knives in her face than a 16 year old Beverly Hills bimbo? Wai Lana Butler is OLD! Not too sure how old but in her 60’s probably. So why is she telling people to age gracefully while her own face has the expression range of a blow up sex doll?

The similarities are undeniable. 

Here is Wai Lana’s video uploaded to a non cult run channel so leave her some love in the comments section:

Wai Lana Fan Video Premiere!

A less than talented fan gives a brutal rendition of a Wai Lana song and dispenses cult wisdom for the young Wai Lana cultists.