Nanda Ormond, Cult Member and Sketchy Pedophile


Amazingly, this super jacked self portrait of Nanda sits right above admissions of attractions to very young girls on his own website. Good one, Nandies.

Nanda Ormond is a fuckin mess. Born and raised in the mind control cult of Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa and still loyal to this day.

Nanda Ormond spent a lifetime worshipping a cult leader under the loving parenting of Janice Jan Ormond and George Ormond.


Chris Butler, Nanda Ormond’s drug trafficking holy lord and master.

George Ormond, brainwashed cult member, Nanda’s cult daddy (step father only).

My mother Robyn Ranson with Nanda’s cult member brother Prahlad Webb and Nanda’s cult mother Janice Ormond. The small boy is Prahlad’s son, Nanda’s nephew, clearly worshipping a picture of cult leader Chris Butler.

Cult leader Chris Butler left me a typical voicemail, as he does.

Given this fucked upbringing, it should be no surprise that Nanda Ormond is a bit of a mess. I was looking at his website and found a disturbing admission by Nanda Ormond to being sexually attracted to many girls that are younger than 15 years old.


: a person who has a sexual interest in children



Oh man, some good looking girls get sucked in to going in to GP. Hot, hot girls and some of them are over 15! Haha… One of the other casual timers, who I started calling “cockbrain”, on account of his brain being commandeered by his cock, LOVED chatting up the girls. One would come in and he’d drop whatever he was doing, fight his way to the front of the store, then just lean all over everything and do jokes and try hide his boner. He had a French name and a haircut like the guy off Creed and I really liked working with him, cos he was just the funniest cockbrain I ever met.

Nanda thinks it is all a funny joke, but all us cult kids had such a messed up sexual development due to Chris Butler’s influence, these pedophile urges Nanda is describing could easily be due to the fact that we were raised in a cult that segregate girls from boys and since our earliest memories we were forced to listen to graphic lectures given by Chris Butler going into pornographic detail about homosexual and heterosexual sex, completely demonizing all sexual desires, sexual contact and sexual/romantic relationships as being disgusting and based in the false material realm.

Now if that doesn’t fuck up a 5 year old kid’s head, you tell me what does.

There are so many things wrong with how we were raised in that cult, take your pick as to what toxic cult garbage that has saturated Nanda Ormond’s entire existence is the cause of his current state of uncontrollably eyeballing every “Hot, hot” (Nanda’s own words) preteen girl all the way up to and at times even exceeding the age of 15.

Nanda Ormond raised in a drug trafficking cult.

Robyn Ranson, George Ormond, Janice Ormond and Glen Wills “Herc” among other cult member parents were all fully aware of this illegal international drug trafficking and were happy to raise us kids in the midst of it.

Nanda Ormond gloats about this fact on his own blog.

The following two stories were published in Damaged Goods Magazine.


For some time between 1992-1994, my family and I looked after the property which provides access to Homunga Bay, in the Golden Valley. We had a big house on a little plateau that overlooked the bay, a big, old, red truck we called ” big red “, and eventually 9 pet cows; we only intended having two but those girls were horny. My parents managed the property for the owner, a good friend of theirs who may or may not have been an international drug baron, who was always overseas and had little time for his lifestyle block. I had there my first and last experiences of: fresh cows milk, unnervingly thick and warm from the teat, firing an AK47 ( it belonged to another friend, who by coincidence was at the time, something of a drug runner himself ), electric fence shocks, and being lost in the bush. It was a good place to be a kid. My mother and father are deeply spiritual people, and at some point we hosted a small retreat for spiritual learning in the lower paddock, which lasted more than a week. Down there were all of our friends with their tents, chanting, learning yoga, riding cows, playing flashlight. It was a great time for us but it wasn’t the first time those fields had felt the tread of spiritually minded souls. Around 15 years earlier, Golden Valley had played host to a series of the greatest alternative lifestyle festivals New Zealand has ever seen, Nambassa.

I was one of the kids attending these “spiritual” retreats, which were just indoctrination into the cult of worshipping Chris Butler. Little innocent kiwi kids made to worship this fuck head multiple times a day, and you wonder why I’m one of the very few who got free of this fucked up cult.

These two drug traffickers Nanda mentions are of course Patrick Bowler and Gregory Timewell.

They were loyal cult members of Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Any questions whether Nanda Ormond is closely associated with my mother Robyn Ranson and whether or not Nanda Ormond is loyal to Chris Butler the cult leader and why I decided to give Nanda another round, this might put things into more perspective:


These guys are total cowards, they file this crap in a remote court in the South Island of New Zealand domestic charges against me when I haven’t even been to New Zealand since 2005. This is all orchestrated by Chris Butler, and every person who jumped on that list are loyal Chris Butler cult members who were the first to cut me off, every person on that list I have known since I or they were born. George Ormond came on the scene when I was 5 or 6.

I say they are cowards because I cannot represent myself in this court, this court does not have jurisdiction over me, either. Chris Butler ordered Wai Lana’s son Siddha Richard V Bellord to attempt to sue me in Hawaii courts, again, not where I live or travel to, now I get this NZ version.

If any cult member wants to see me in a court room, you gotta bring your case to San Francisco you idiots. If you don’t want your frivolous garbage tossed out of these various courtrooms immediately, bring your case to San Francisco, you guys have my address.

It is obvious Chris Butler refuses to directly sue me, of course, he is the biggest coward of all, ordering all these poor fools to do this on his behalf, a cult leader pitting family members and life long friends against each other.

Enjoy your empire of shit, Ormond scum. All of Prahlad Webb and Devaki Gibbons’ kids will be older and on the internet one day, good luck holding your fucked up family together as the truth seeps in and these kids realize what you guys did to them.