Was Allan Ranson Murdered By Robyn Ranson? Chris Butler Cult Killing.

The following I wrote for my family on Facebook.

It explains a karmic connection between my Dad’s older brother Steve Ranson committing suicide when my Dad was 14. My dad discovered my uncle’s body in a state of decay many days after he hung himself.

This trauma drove my dad into the cult, and in this past year after realizing the truth of what really happened to my father I got a deep insight into why I have this gnarly life that I ended up with.

I think I am Steve Ranson very connected to my father, and Steve abandoned my father and his entire family when he killed himself. I am experiencing losing my entire family and being abandoned by my dad, or my little brother as I saw him intuitively when he died.

Read on, below is what I posted to Facebook.


I would suggest it was also a conspiracy within the Chris Butler cult to kill my dad, take all his money and cut me off for life.

Steve Ranson left you all behind, I know how bad that hurt my dad Allan Ranson and AL left us all behind. For what it’s worth I feel a lot better understanding what seems to have happened around my dad’s death. My life is way better and I’m actually doing good and I’m happy. I transformed it all, I took my power back after some people took my whole world from me.

I think there is a connection between Steve leaving my dad and my personal experience, like my crazy life is the readjustment for that initial trauma between my dad and his brother. Deep intuition on this point, I can see it now that it won’t mess me up, I’m strong, past traumas are healed, or at least the victim pattern in my life has been defeated after what I went through.

For what it’s worth again, I really feel my Dad’s presence as a positive living force and even Steve like they can both live through me

I know they’d love all the same stuff I do experiencing it through my perspective

I turn my skateboard into a surfboard on these streets for them and it feels so good. I go and get it and live in the sun every day

So I love all my family, we’ll all be together again at the end of the day, I’ll try to get home to NZ before too long and actually see you all too

Lots of love from Rama (AL and Steve too)

(Robyn Ranson and her partners in crime George Ormond, Allan Tibby and multiple associated members of the Science Of Identity Foundation religious cult assisted Robyn in cutting me off, not giving me access to my father or the funeral and working together to take my portion of my Father’s estate. They are a money hungry corrupt “religious” sect or a “cult” after all.)

I also believe my father was likely poisoned to have a heart attack. No history of heart issues that anyone is aware of and my mother stood to benefit if my father was considering leaving the cult.

They had been ordered to cut me off for life in 2006 two years prior to my father Allan Ranson’s death in 2008

My mother did not inform me of the death until 3 days later by e-mail, which is enough time for the body to be processed I assume. A toxicology test is not conducted unless foul play was suspected, but they totally controlled EVERYTHING around my Dad’s death.

She has not initiated contact in 10 years and also got a restraining order against me co-signed by George Ormond and the entire Ormond family who are all lifelong members of this religious sect/cult

It took me till a year or so ago to actually understand all this, but it has helped believe it or not.



#QAnon #KillingTheDeepState #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll

I add these hashtags because I suspect that the Chris Butler cult was a CIA creation from the very beginning, and they seem to get away with murder. The FBI lets them kill Sri Shim, the FBI lets them run international money laundering and drug trafficking schemes.

Q anon and US Military Intelligence along with a global coalition of benevolent (non psychopath) humanity known as The Alliance are currently rounding up the international cult of pedophile satanic elites that have controlled the world for hundreds of years. I want Q anon to put the Chris Butler clown (CIA) created cult on his to-do list.


Where We Go One We Go All

We are finishing what JFK started. We will smash the CIA into 1,000 pieces. Global awakening and renaissance are imminent.



An old 1983 article in the New York Times discusses possible CIA connections to the Hare Krishna movement: